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LORD WALSINGHAM (now aged 92) was a Third Secretary in the German Department of the British Foreign Office in 1950, when the foundations were being laid for the first stage of what is now the EU. It was then called the European Coal & Steel Community. He was Secretary of the tripartite study group (The UK, USA and France) which  cancelled all denazification to rebuild Germany against communist Russia for the Cold War.

This link is to a youtube video where he recounts his experience (approx 35 minutes)

Whilst the project was ostensibly about securing peace in Europe, British intelligence was well aware that there were secret additional  agreements in the Coal & Steel Treaty between Germany and France to weaken British heavy industry, eventually to undermine Britain’s defence capability so that the European project  would dominate Europe unchallenged in the long term.

Britain did not join the Coal & Steel Community but neither did it make public the ulterior, anti-British intentions of the “Fathers of Europe”. At the time Britain was  heavily indebted to the USA which was backing the EU project and funding the European Movement through the CIA.

The European Coal & Steel Community was intended to lead to a united Franco/German European army but the French National Assembly voted that down. Jean Monnet, Schuman and colleagues decided that they needed to proceed more gradually as the nations of Europe were not then ready to assent to their  dissolution in a single European polity. The European Economic Community was founded on this principle of small, repeated inexorable steps towards “ever closer union”. The process was called “Engrenage” – like a ratchet, it was irreversible. The Treaty of Rome set this up in 1957.

The name “European Economic Community” is highly significant. As a businessman, Monnet well knew the importance of brand loyalty. Every politically aware German of the Nazi era would recognise the  “Europaeische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft”,  set up to build integration between the countries of Europe after the Nazi victory of 1940 and widely publicised in a collection of papers of the same name, published in Berlin in 1942. Translations of the introduction and main paper are available here. Apart from some descriptions of contemporary events, there is nothing in them which has not come out of the EEC and the EU in the last sixty years. The mindset and geopolitical world outlook are virtually identical.

The post war EU’s biggest project by far, the Common Agricultural Policy, was decided in 1962 but it was based on the clear guidelines, laid down twenty years before in Nazi Berlin (link here).  Now, of course, the Nazi EEC turned out to be mostly propaganda because the pressures of war overtook and destroyed it – but many of its intentions, including dominance over central Europe have been carried into effect under the EU flag , since the fall of the Berlin wall.

The Nazis were adapters rather than inventors of the project, which had been on official German minds for generations. On 9 September 1914, the Imperial Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg wrote:- “Russia must be pushed back as far as possible from Germany’s Eastern frontier and her domination over non-Russian vassal people broken… We must create a Central European Economic Association through common customs treaties to include France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Austria-Hungary and perhaps Italy, Sweden and Norway. This association will not have any common constitutional supreme authority and all members will be formally equal but in practice under German leadership and must stabilise Germany’s dominance over central Europe”.

Monnet, Schuman and colleagues added the “common constitutional supreme authority” in the form of the European Commission but the project is still highly congruent with the remarkably stable, long term objectives of Germany’s political class since the 19th century.

In late 2016 the German government allocated 4 million Euros to an investigation into the influence  of Nazi personalities and policies in the post war era.

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  1. Derek ReynoldsReply

    Fascinating to listen to, and confirms much of what I have believed for some time. What Gent. Lord Walsingham is, doing well at 92.

  2. Phil JonesReply

    Confirms that Germany has been working for over a century to control the rest of Europe. Two world wars it lost, but its push to dominate others has carried on. Domination of others seems to be part of the German mentality. Thank God we have made our move to free ourselves of such domination. I feel so very very sorry for France, Italy, Spain and all the other EU provinces that are now firmly under the German thumb. Greater Germany will one day cover the whole Continent, but our beloved UK will stand separate from it — no thanks to the likes of Heath, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron, all traitors to the core.

  3. Gordon WebsterReply

    Excellent piece Edward. It confirms what I have read in Rodney Atkinson’s book, and Bernard Connolly’s book “The Rotten Heart of Europe.”
    This information has been freely available for a number of years, so why are our Politicians so keen to become a Vassal State, of what is essentially a Fourth Reich?

  4. Roland HitchcottReply

    What is astonishing is that the mainstream media is still ignoring the
    real reasons for EU and the terrifying history behind it.

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  6. Alison WunderlandReply

    Of course none of this could have taken place had not the traitor, Harold Wilson, repealed most of Magna Carta in 1970 under the 1969 Statute Law Repeal Act, an act that is illegal under Magna Carta. Magna Carta guaranteed the independence of Great Britain forever, and the protection of every British subject under the monarchy. Politicians and judges will maintain the argument that Magna Carta no longer exists, and when objection to the repeal of Magna Carta was raised, we were told that it had been absorbed into the Rules of the Supreme Court. We are unlawfully tied to the EU so why not say so, stop faffing about, leave and negotiate afterwards?

  7. Graham WoodReply

    If anyone has a scintilla of doubt as to the ideological origins of the European Union they will be dispelld by the excellent research done by John Laughland in his book ‘The Tainted Source – The Undemocratic Origins of the European Idea.
    I know of no better.

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  12. Peter JeffriesReply

    The German Nazi Brussels construct so nearly achieved its aim of total control of Europe and the UK. Its asset stripped much of our industries via ECB loans and EU grants with many many famous UK companies moving out of the UK. Now we are seeing the ugly head of the Brussels snake who have never been our friends but used us as a cash cow for 43 yrs. Now their frightened too death we might succeed with a contacts book the envy of the world. It won’t be easy but we will do it. If it were me I’d start with CANZUK and the wonderful 2.3bn Commonwealth peoples who still have remained amazingly faithful too our Queen and English laws and Ted Heath turned his back on. They need free fair honest trade with the UK . That was our past and can be our future. We must get main manufacturing industries back on their feet. Don’t you find it odd that much of our big industry has been hollowed out yet Germany’s industries have remained intact, even its steel? I’m so glad so many voted leave. Maybe not all knew exactly why but had enough sense too know there was something deeply wrong with the EU. I’m 62, I started my journey of discovery two weeks before the Brexit referendum by downloading the EU accounts and more importantly the rules that go with them. Its corruption on a industrial scale. Since then I’ve gained knowledge about the Brussels construct how it was formed and why. None of the Nazi Federal totalitarian superstate ideology is pretty. We’ve dodged a artillery shell not a bullet if we get fully out of the Brussels kleptocracy.

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