What to tell your grandchildren

The depths to which the remainiacs are descending is simply staggering. A recent article in The Times to which one of our supporters drew our attention shines the spotlight on a murky group fronted by, among others, the Labour peer Lord Adonis. It will be targeting young people, urging them to tell their grandparents that if they care about their grandchildren, they should reconsider their support for leaving the EU. In other words, they are trying to ferment inter-generational conflict to further their miserable hopes of stopping Brexit.

This “Ring your granny” strategy has a very dubious past. It was apparently used  to build support for same-sex marriage in Ireland.  One of the other promoters is a crackpot by the name of Madeleina Kay, who managed to get herself thrown out of  a Brussels press conference for wearing a superwoman costume! One report claims that her blog features pictures of her posing with pro-EU pond life such as Bob Geldof, Eddie Izzard, and Nick Clegg. Enough said.

Let us be clear:- there are people who either supported Brexit or else who have accepted the result of last year’s referendum who are genuinely concerned about the lack of progress with the negotiations so far. They are worried that a no-deal scenario would be far more damaging than we are being led to believe. The leading figures of this new campaign, however, have a totally different viewpoint. They want us to stay in the EU. They were convinced that Article 50 would never be triggered; when it was, they hoped that  the government would get cold feet and back out. Now reality has dawned that we really are leaving, nothing, it seems, will dissuade them from using every means, fair or foul, to frustrate the democratic result of last year’s referendum.

So, Grannies and Grandpas of this world, what should you do if you receive a phone call from a worried teenage grandchild? Here are a few suggestions:-

  1. Tell them that they should be grateful that the boil has finally been lanced and that over 40 years of our unhappy relationship with Brussels will finally come to an end, meaning that this problem won’t be bequeathed to their generation to sort out.
  2. Tell them that they will be the main beneficiaries. Yes, it may be tough for a year to two before things settle down, but within a generation, free to rebalance our trade with the growing economies of Asia and the Commonwealth rather than the sclerotic EU and free to set our own taxes and tariffs,  we will become more prosperous than if we had stayed in.
  3. Tell them that you can remember the days when we were an independent sovereign country and not only did we manage very well, it was actually better to be ruled by democratically-elected people from our own country than by unelected bureaucrats  in Brussels. Suggest that they stop being myopic and look beyond Europe to Australasia, America and Asia where successful nation states are the norm – and are flourishing. The Brexit vote, in other words, was a vote to re-join normality.
  4. Tell them of our deep love from freedom; how Magna Carta and our Common Law legal system have given us safeguards which are absent even now on much of the continent where Napoleonic inquisitorial legal systems reign supreme. Point out that we would have lost all this before they reached middle age if we had remained in the EU.
  5. Tell them that they will still be able to travel and study abroad. No one is suggesting putting up some sort of drawbridge nor is there any reason why we can’t stay part of the Erasmus scheme.
  6. Tell them that by being able to restrict immigration, it will make life a bit easier for them (albeit only slightly) by removing a little pressure from the housing market and thus helping them to buy their own home.
  7. Tell them to ignore the miserable self-flagellants who are always talking our country down. Remind them of the many events and people from our long history of which we can be proud. Maybe some of them have only been taught tosh in history classes, so a bit of education may be needed here, but what of our great military heroes like Drake, Blake, Nelson and Wellington? Inventors like James Watt, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, John Logie Baird and Tim Berners-Lee? Tell them of Wilberforce and the campaign to eradicate slavery; of Churchill and how we stood alone against Hitler in 1940; of David Livingstone, the great missionary and explorer. The list is endless.
  8. Finally, tell them that you are not going to be around for ever and that one day their generation will have to take over. Warn them that if they continue swallowing all this nonsense from remainiacs, they won’t be fit to run a whelk stall, let alone the country!
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  1. robin LambertReply

    Certain Banks Appearing to Like living in London afterall.However Goldman Sachs & JPMorgan chiefly responsible for World Economic Crisis,funded by ”Cheap Money” Low or no interest Should go &stop trying to Exiting EU.
    UK already Use WTO rules to export to 66% of the Planet…
    Walk now

  2. Adam HileyReply

    I agree with Robin Lambert I care little for Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan let them leave they won’t as they are bluffing My friends work in the City they said they are bluffing most of these Banks are zombie Banks Deutsche Bank for example

  3. Adam HileyReply

    isn’t Indoctrination illegal under British Law maybe Blair Starmer or the aptly named Adonis Corbyn etc should have criminal proceedings levelled against them eutruth.info

  4. John Petley
    John PetleyReply

    On the subject of what to tell one’s grandchildren, I was sent this interesting comment by Jerry Wraith, one of our supporters, about pension liabilities:-

    I have r​ead the report, commissioned by the ECB in 2009, by the University of Freiberg on the national liabilities for EU pensions for the next generation. This showed that out of 18 EU countries which responded, the UK had the best means of meeting its pension liability of 91% or so GDP. Yet the UK is still having to raise pensionable age to 69/70 in the near future. France, Italy, Germany have pension liabilities of well over 300% of their respective GDP’s. This was before Merkel opened the doors to a million refugees in Germany. The total pension liabilty of the 17 remaining EU countries in the survey amounted to over 30, TRILLION EURO’s. Something that all our youngsters would have had to help pay off during their working lives, bearing in mind that the UK is the 2nd highest supplier of nett funds to the EU and only 4/5 EU countries make anything like a substantial nett payment to the EU.


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