URGENT: Take the Brexit Pledge!


The Campaign for an Independent Britain is joining with other cross-party independence groups in the BREXIT PLEDGE CAMPAIGN.

The Brexit Pledge is a campaign to restore trust in democracy and deliver Brexit.

CIB is supporting the Brexit Pledge, and we urge all our members and readers to take the Pledge here.

The Pledge states:

“I call on my MP to deliver an immediate Brexit, with or without a deal, regaining control over our trade, fishing, farming, services, defence, borders, taxes, foreign policy, law and regulation.”

The Pledge has the support of many pro-Brexit groups, from the political left and the right, from farmers and fishermen, lawyers and students, environmentalists and the LGBT community. All groups that believe that the UK will prosper outside the EU’s control and that democracy must be upheld.

CIB Chairman Edward Spalton said:

“All Labour and Conservative MPs stood on a manifesto commitment to respect the result of the 2016 referendum and get us out of the EU. The referendum result was clear. If the counting had been by constituency 406 would have had a majority for Leave against 242 for Remain.

“So it is time that our MPs fulfilled their promises, which they also endorsed by overwhelming parliamentary majorities to start the Article 50 Withdrawal Procedure and pass the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018. As Honourable and Right Honourable Members they must now do their duty to Leave the EU on 31st October and stop the obstruction and deceit which is destroying respect for Parliament.”

As well as taking the Pledge yourself, the Brexit Pledge website allows you to write to your MP to urge them to deliver an immediate Brexit as detailed in the pledge. The website links to a postcode search facility which enables you to email your MP directly. It is important to personalise your message with your own thoughts on Brexit; MPs block duplicate emails so they must be as original as possible.

​Tips for writing an email to your MP:

  • ​​Do not use abusive language as it will give your MP another excuse to dismiss your request for Brexit.
  • ​Tell them if you voted for them. MPs are more likely to respond if they think they’re about to lose another voter.
  • ​Let them know you’re a supporter of The Brexit Pledge. MPs need to feel the pressure of The Brexit Pledge.
  • ​You must personalise your email. Most MPs block identical emails.


Our friends at Brexit Facts4EU have published an article outlining the rationale behind the Brexit Pledge and longer-term plans, which you can read here.