UK avoids military merger this time, but risks remain

Our colleagues in Veterans for Britain have produced a briefing paper on the ongoing risks of being sucked into EU military integration. You can access this briefing paper by clicking on this link.

VfB has summarised last week’s decision not to sign up to PESCO as follows:-

The UK dramatically halted its blanket consent to EU military schemes at the EU Council meeting of 13 November 2017 by refusing to enter the ‘PESCO’ military union agreement.

Where does that leave the ongoing risk to the UK from entanglement in EU schemes? Our paper  describes the continuing problem. In fact, the risk has not receded.

The PESCO agreement itself is designed to attract and engulf unwitting non-EU countries.

Background: PESCO, or Permanent Structured Cooperation, means participants agree to coordinate all defence decision-making and impose a single rigid structure on their militaries under collective EU authority. Besides the UK, only Ireland, Portugal, Malta and Denmark chose not to enter this merger project.

We would recommend that anyone wishing to be involved in campaigning to maintain our military independence should keep a close watch for new posts on the Veterans for Britain website, as they have considerable expertise in this critical area and thus know what the points at issue really are. We in CIB offer them our full support.

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  1. Gordon WebsterReply

    We can never be complacent with our untrustworthy employees in Westminster. Being a SSAFA Caseworker I am very aware of what is happening militarily, and the fears of Veterans Groups. Cameron made around 30,000 front line forces redundant, which I an others believe was to prepare us for submission to the European Army. It is known that this exists and was no exercise during the Referendum Campaign on Salisbury Plain. It is also known that Six Command Centres are up and running, under French and German Officers, in Europe – not Britain.
    Has the change of direction in America, with Trump as POTUS, changed Downing Streets thinking? The angry intervention by a Republican US Governor, at Brussels demand for money money money, would suggest that America has switched off support for the European Project. American money through the Marshall Plan is seen by many, as the motivation behind the creation of a United States of Europe. Seems that Donald John disagrees, and sees the EU for what it really is.

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