The EU is right – our government is wrong!

Shock horror! Can a Brexit supporter honestly utter such a phrase as the above?

Sadly, yes, especially when the subjects include cooperation in security and criminal justice matters. These two issues powerfully illustrate the illusory nature of our government’s approach to Brexit. It still wants to have its cake and eat it. Reality is dawning that this isn’t possible on the trade front, but somehow that reality has not spread to other areas where some sort of future cooperation is needed. Be it trade, criminal justice or military cooperation, the EU is concerned at all costs to preserve its integrity. In voting to leave, we dealt it a massive blow. Obviously, it recognises that some form of cooperation will be necessary but it does not seek a warm and cosy “deep and special” relationship with us. Yes, we were once part of the club, but we won’t be after March 29th next year. We made the decision to leave and we must accept the consequences.

To any Brexit supporter, this is perfect common sense. We knew what we were doing when we voted Brexit.  Among the many issues which we highlighted as a reason to leave the EU were concerns about the flaws of the criminal justice system in some EU member states and the need to disentangle ourselves from the EU’s military and security aspirations.

So yes, if the EU says we cannot participate in its flawed European Arrest Warrant scheme after Brexit, great! That’s what we voted for. Likewise, the EU’s disdain for Mrs May’s “ambitious future security partnership” with the EU won’t cause many Brexit supporters much lost sleep.  As a Third Country, we would no longer participate in several EU security data bases which hold intelligence and help track criminals. However, there are other means of cooperation over these matters. We have Interpol as well as Europol. The procedure may be more complex but at least UK citizens will be one step further removed from the EU’s interference with our daily lives. We don’t want the EU to give us special treatment. What is more, is Europol reliable? One report suggest that its statistics distort the truth about terrorist threats in the EU, with more emphasis being placed on monitoring so-called “separatists” than those who pose the biggest threat to ordinary people.

On a different note, we heard recently that Olly Robbins, who has more or less pushed David Davis into the sidelines and has become the de facto chief negotiator, has been told by the EU that there is no chance of a bespoke trade deal with the EU.  It will either be a very loose trading arrangement or what has been described as a “Norway-type deal”. There are strong opponents of both these options and even among her cabinet, Mrs May will have her work cut out to square the circle.

She has not, however, signed a letter promising a second referendum, Two separate copies have been sent to me, one by a very concerned Brexit supporter who feared Mrs May was about to  cave in to the remainiacs. If anyone has come across this spoof letter, try to find an example of the PM’s real signature. You will then see that it does not match the signature on this letter.

Observant readers may have noticed that we have said little about the latest EU council meeting. This is not because we were unaware of it but rather because it has been a foregone conclusion that nothing was going to be said to indicate any progress with the Brexit talks. We did pass a milestone last week when the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill became law. It paves the way fro the 1972 Accession Treaty to be repealed when we leave the EU in March next year, but as far as what our future relationship with the EU is going ot look like,  we are still none the wiser.

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    Theresa May is a completely and utterly stupid Woman to keep arrogantly trying the patience of Her Party and most importantly the British People She has to go May should of been given Her p45 the Day after Her election debacle in 2017

    • StevenReply

      Indeed. What are the so-called Eurosceptics in her party of virulently anti-British globalists and traitors going to do about her? Say a few nice words on tv to quiet down the plebs so they don’t get too uppity or ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING and get rid of this vile and wretched excuse for a PM?

      It looks as if we have been completely shafted by her and we will have a Brexit In Name Only (BINO) (it gives me no pleasure to be proved correct about what I thought would happen if Leave won). We voted on June 23rd 2016 to become a completely sovereign and independent nation state once again and be as sovereign as Japan is with respect to the EU ie be a so-called ‘third’ country and NOT to be a vassal state under continuing EU rule with no say. What she and her cabinet have proposed is WORSE than remaining a full member of the EU. It is WHOLLY UNACCEPTABLE.

      • Adam HileyReply

        Steven I see unrest on the streets by a enraged British People We need a complete ousting of the tired old parties

        • StevenReply

          From once owning the world’s largest Empire to now becoming effectively a colonial state of the EU is really quite some ‘achivement’. Take a bow, Tory traitors! Surely, even the most blinkered Tory will see the reality of this party now? Indeed, Adam, never has it been more necessary for people in this country to WAKE THE HELL UP and get rid of the Lib Dem/Labour/CONServative Party globalist anti-British cartel ONCE AND FOR ALL.

    • StevenReply

      Hopefully, the hastag May Must Go will become just as popular on Twitter in this country as Merkel Muss Weg is becoming in Germany. What is it with these childless women in charge of our countries?

      • John Petley
        John PetleyReply

        Sorry, but this is a silly, unhelpful comment. You may not like Angela Merkel or Theresa May, but to blame their behaviour on the fact that they haven’t had children is ridiculous. Elizabeth I was not only childless but never married at all and her leadership saved us from the Spanish Armada in 1588. Furthermore, in the case of Mrs May, her childlessness is actually a cause of great sadness to her. See this piece.

        Having Children does not necessarily make you a better leader. Tony & Cherie Blair have four. need I say any more???

    • StevenReply

      An election debacle which it is not absolutely impossible to believe was as aimed for result and a tactic on her part to destroy Brexit. What idiot drew-up a manifesto targeting in an adverse way the only real group of people (apart from the ultra-rich) who can be expected to vote Tory in large numbers ie people over the age of 65?

    • StevenReply

      If her party don’t get rid of her and install someone prepared to listen to majority public opinion they could find they’ve handed the keys to No 10 on a plate to Jeremy Corbyn.

      • StevenReply

        That, of course, would be tragic for this country and no doubt mean the country’s final death sentence but the globalists of the Tory Party don’t care so long as they can take power in the future and continue with their little charade of playing against the other ‘opponent’ Labour.

      • Adam HileyReply

        Corbyn and Labour are rabidly anti-British would be a disaster if they got in Government I would never vote for LibLabCon anyway

        • StevenReply

          Neither would I. I wish we had real political choices to make in this country instead of various flavours of anti-British globalism all the time. We’ve tried all three at several points in history and got absolutely nowhere. Our politics is akin to banging your head against a brick wall and next time you do it expecting a different result.

          I think we need real electoral reform ie a system of proportional representation (preferably not the weird Irish one of the Single Transferable Vote though) then we should have more diversity of choicein our politics though this is no doubt the primary reason the Labour Party and the CONServative Party loath the idea so virulently. Their globalist cartel operates in their interests only so why give it up?

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