The biggest losers

Following Mrs May’s response to the London Bridge terrorist attack, Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor, posted a tweet saying that “Mrs May is happy enough to tolerate the extremism of the Brextremist Lie Machine newspapers spewing hate day after day.”

Several newspapers picked this up, expressing horror that Islamic State-supporting terrorists should be equated to sections of our national press. Indeed, such was the storm of protest that Mr Campbell subsequently deleted the tweet, saying . “Previous tweet deleted. Agreed it was over the top”

But over the top or not, the damage has been done. We now know the truth. Such is the vitriolic loathing felt by remoaners like Campbell towards Brexit supporters that in his eyes, some of us are almost as awful as the men who committed the terrible atrocities in Manchester and London recently.

Mind you, there is perhaps good reason from Blairite remoaners to be feeling a bit miffed at the moment. Although unreported by the Press, one of the interesting asides of this general election campaign is that, whatever the result, the last few weeks have significantly damaged their chances of a comeback.

The Campaign for an Independent Britain, being a cross-party organisation, does not fly the flag for any one political party and has encouraged people to vote for fully-fledged Brexit candidates whatever their allegiance, but we can be quite unequivocal in our opposition to the Blairite faction within the Labour Party, which remains one of the biggest strongholds of irreconcilable remainiacs.

When Mrs May called a General Election in April, received opinion expected Labour to suffer its worst defeat since 1983, if not longer. The uncompromising Socialist agenda would deter most voters, Jeremy Corbyn would be forced to resign and Labour would tack back towards the so-called centre ground.

Things have not gone according to plan, however. Three days before polling day, a raft of opinion polls put the Tory lead between 12% and a mere 1%  – nowhere near the 20% differential at the start of the campaign. Averaging these out, Mr Corbyn looks highly unlikely to be marching into 10 Downing Street on Friday, but he could end up with a higher percentage of the vote than Ed Miliband in 2015 – certainly high enough to justify remaining in office and his party thus avoiding a third leadership contest in less than two years.

From the point of view of withdrawing from the EU, it is significant  – and welcome – that Corbyn has never made any statement during the campaign indicating that he will seek to challenge or reverse the Brexit vote.  Before becoming Labour’s leader, his anti-EU credentials were actually quite impressive and his pro-EU speech during last year’s referendum campaign was distinctly lukewarm and lacking in conviction.

Whatever one’s views of his position on other policy issues, we must therefore be thankful that his better-than-expected performance looks likely to leave the Blairites sidelined for a while – hopefully long enough to see us out of the EU. If these people equate a perfectly reasonable desire to join some 180 or so nations in being a sovereign nation once again with the murderous ideology of Islamic State, the sidelines – or worse –  is the best place for them.

Photo by University of Salford

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    Corbyn is not going to be PM not with his views on the IRA Nuclear Weapons, Labour’s history on keeping Britain’s finances in the black has always been atrocious Labour have always bankrupted Britain when in Government, in the 1970’s before My time they bankrupted us to such a degree Britain went to the IMF a Yank run outfit stuffed full of Goldman Sachs stooges Theresa May has made stupid gaffes but Over Corbyn any day go to the electoral calculus or Britain elects websites both predict a Conservative Landslide I also do wish that Repulsive toad Alastair Campbell would emigrate to his beloved EU along with his former boss Blair Gina Miller Farron Sturgeon and Cleggy

  2. StuartReply

    We only won the referendum by a million or two votes. I’m concerned immigration isn’t being tackled so the number of people who are likely to vote pro eu in the next few years will overcome the leavers. A deliberate ploy in other words. We might not even be out the eu by the time the tables are turned and we are asked to vote again.

    • Adam HileyReply

      We would be dumb to let the remoaners get away with their treachery and a 2nd referendum Corbyn should be certified insane not PM

  3. Phil JonesReply

    Total disaster if Corbyn were ever elected as PM. That possibility seems remote at this point but I have immense difficulty seeing why he isn’t still 20 points behind May. The man is a walking basket case and his followers, such as Abbott, farcical. But, as suggested above, if he makes a credible showing in losing then there is the plus side that the Blairite Faction will have greater difficulty in ousting him. So maybe not so bad if his party doesn’t lose by 20 points, but rather just 10 points. That would seem the most beneficial outcome to Mrs. May, ensuring that she can still finish off Brexit without Labour’s interference while at the same time giving Corbyn a lifeline to stave off the forces out to oust him..

  4. robin lambertReply

    Corbyn is trying to ‘Placate’ Blairite ‘Remain’ 100 or so mPs ,who will try to knife him after June 8.
    sturgeon,Wood,Bartley,Farron coalition of EU dumbness would like to remain ‘In Single market’ as it allows Tax
    funded Jollies,Junkets & EU laws on Procurement ( Michael Fallon gave £19bn defence contract to EU)
    & remember Boris in 2010 gave Underground Carriage Contract to Bombadier a French/Canadian company
    instead of Cammell liard.
    Sadiq Khan labour Mayor of EU regional Assembly,GLA gave New Bus contract to Sweden’s Volvo NOT Plaxton of Darlington.
    So they reinforce Unemployment.
    Tories Carrying on of Blair’s” Death Tax,”was incompetence personified,Someone should Tell Tories house Price £240,000 not £100,000 I dont trust Political Class,but ‘Remain’ May has tried very hard to lose the Election
    Corbyn has not Avoid media Contest,seems at ease, but All Farron,May,Corbyn,Abbott,Lucas,Wood,Sturgeon need to be able to ‘Add up’..ironically the EU fanatics in SNP could lose 10-15 seats So Tories,Labour could see a revival there.Most likely outcome Tory MajoriTy 40-55 seats.

  5. Ken WorthyReply

    Corbyn also did an excellent job in sabotaging the Remain campaign he was supposed to be supporting.

  6. Gordon WebsterReply

    I do not believe the Polls, which are consistently wrong, and I do not believe the Press. From “The Manipulators,” by James Garvey, we know that Cameron installed a “Behaviour Insights Team,” in Number 10, with the task of using the Press to manipulate, “nudge,” the public to their way of thinking. We also know that they use “The Tavistock Institute,” to get the Press to whip up the masses. Michael Swanson in “The War State,” points out that the US/CIA are also not above buying Press Column inches for that purpose.
    Four weeks ago, the Express and Mail had the Tories on for a landslide victory. Two weeks ago, until the last few days, they had the Polls saying it would be a hung Parliament. This morning they are back to a Labour wipe-out.
    It is my belief that the Press is used to strike fear in the voters, that Corbyn, Abbott and Thornberry could be ruining Britain on Friday. I, personally, do not think the 17.4 million have changed their minds, and they know that the Election is all about Brexit. More have joined that 17.4 million, since the vote. Corbyn is known to be pro Brussels, pr Terrorism, anti British Military, and pro mass immigration. The British People are not stupid.

  7. PipReply

    I should imagine a new United Socialist Soviet Europe would quite appeal to Marxists- aka a police State
    the British voters should not be taken in by the rhetoric of comrade Corbyn and his lackeys
    If the labour party was truly representative of the people and not a rag bag of bilious Blairites, remainers and now extreme leftists it might just be attractive -but it is not!
    Comments by Campbell and his glove puppet Blair do not mean a thing they are both well past their sell by date both with their embittered stance and rejection of democracy
    It could be the longest sulk in political history even eclipsing the stupendous sulk of Ted Heath
    We really need to get the message out and challenge the pejorative appended term hard Brexit
    Sturgeon has even gone further in her maniacal ravings and terminology on this issue
    WE must promote the concept of a CLEAN BREXIT which is more accurate than hard Brexit
    and DIRTY OR MESSY BREXIT is more accurate than soft Brexit we must get this into common usage instead of allowing remain to dictate a negative slant on the issue of freeing the UK from the tyrannical clutches of the EU

  8. Adam HileyReply

    the Electoral Calculus site is the most accurate prediction that May will be PM still on Friday Morning We need to organise a movement to challenge the failed 3 Legacy Parties, UKIP won’t be that movement it has served it’s purpose

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