1. Jamie ByeReply

    Quite right Adam the man is a prat. I don’t think there was a Germany in the centuries referred to by the Archbishop so how did a non existent country lose all those people.

  2. David BarnbyReply

    Welby forgets to mention that many European wars were religious wars and his claiming wars were between peoples and nations is an insult to peoples. Peoples are the ones that die and are maimed but are coerced into fighting these wars.

    WWII was led by Hitler but Hitler was backed by foreign bankers and military industrial complex especially that of USA.

    I’ve just purchased David Talbot’s recently published book: ‘The Devils’s Chessboards – Allen Dulles, The CIA, and the rise of America’s Secret Government’.

    Dulles was behind lots of evils, including the rise of Hitler, the Cold War (American provacation of Russia), the assassination of JFK and probably his brother RFK, and of course what interests us today, the corporatist EU (I have the documentation)..

    I’ll tell you more when I’ve read the book.


    • StevenReply

      Further to your interesting points here, what makes me laugh the most about the Remainiacs is their constant insinuation that those of us who voted leave are unpatriotic because we were somehow conned by Russian agents and are therefore traitors doing Putin’s evil works! I have yet to hear a single one who admits that the American CIA interfered in British politics and covertly backed the European Movement (Britain’s main Europhile organisation) during the 1975 referendum let alone condemn the USA’s secret services for this.

  3. kateReply

    I wonder if anyone in Canterbury has any knowledge of the peaceful leaders who signed the Treaty of Rome and said “I think we have just re-established the Roman Empire without a single shot being fired.” ? P.H Spaak to Robert Rothschild , March 1957. Or, indeed of the Kalergi plan and of the pioneer of European integration, R.N. Erijiro?

  4. Jason BReply

    What is needed instead is to have faithful leaders of the C of E who fully acknowledge that the Great Head of the Church is Christ and adhere strictly without wavering to our protestant constitution and teaching. Sadly we have current blind leaders of the blind, weak as water joining in with all other movements that are foreign to our true protestant constitution. Her Majesty should step in, rid the Church of them and show the example. Poor blind Justin Welby does not realise that Germany could not defeat us in two wars but went for another approach to bring us down under their thumb.

  5. Simon BlanchardReply

    Has Canterbury any idea who the architects were for the original EEC were? ans. Nazis and Nazi Corporatists from the IG Farben pharma and oil cartel.
    The first EEC President Walter Halstein was a card carrying nazi lawyer/professor who helped draft the Nazi racial laws.
    Their aim since the 1930’s was and still is to control their market place in Europe from Lisbon to Sofia and they finally achieved that goal in 1957 under the Treaty of Rome, backed by the American Marshall Plan, where they originally failed to do by force in WWII.
    Today the EU has 10’s of thousands of corporate lobyists who help set up regulations in 3000 secret committee rooms, that put in often expensive regulations that protect their markets and hinder small to medium sized firms from getting a foothold.

  6. JaneReply

    Justin Welby has aligned himself with our enemies. His correspondence team either have very scant knowledge, or just don’t want to address the elephant in the room i.e. the Islamization of Britain, which has picked up the pace lately.
    Tonight the Taqyyia ‘hero’ imam of Finsbury Park was calling for a national day against Islamophobia, ratcheting the takeover up another notch, and painting English Patriots as Hate Mongers, for wanting their country back, and wanting to be able to discuss all subjects without fear of prosecution.
    The Pope, our ancient enemy has decreed that Islam is the same as Christianity. Nothing could be further from the truth – I have read the Koran, Hadith and Bukhari.

  7. Petrina HoldsworthReply

    Well at least the Archbishop`s office have had the manners to reply.

    It is a relief to see that the Archbishop has realised that the EU has now become an engine of “crude materialism” ( I suspect that it always was and that the cover story was all about bringing peace)and that it has inflicted poverty on the Southern European states.So there is some hope that reality is dawning.

    Does Canterbury really believe that change can come and that the EU can reform itself or is this just the David Cameron school of fantasy? I suspect the latter.It is a sad fact those who support the EU will do so whatever its faults.

  8. ThomasReply

    I fail to see how the EU was founded on Christian principles. Despite what Welby says, it was founded on the unsavoury economic basis of Germany and France subsidising each other’s industries to weaken the British economy. I don’t think he is representing his denomination either; the majority of Anglicans voted to leave the EU.

  9. John B SearsReply

    Welby is a compliant political place-man, who seems unaware that the EU, starting off harmlessly enough to the general public, with all ‘good intent’; was actually a disposable construct to wreck the economies of former nations, foolish enough to join, in preparation for the extension of Islam by ‘overflowing Jihad’, arranged by the Muslim Brotherhood, which was secretly supported in 1948 with a colossal sum of British taxpayers money.
    The MB was carrying through all the aims of Hitlers third Reich to eventually form the fourth Reich as outlined in Harry Beckhough’s writings. Now aided by the CIA and America, to where many of the leading Nazi supporters fled, taking with them the Frankfurt School Agenda, which now drives the suborned UN and NATO.


    I agree with all opinions here. Here is a man who in my estimation , came from nowhere. ( Ok, I’m not in the least religious) but he appears to have arrived straight from the Devils House, The City of London Money gambler’s–to a convert, speaking the ”Lords” message . To cut the crap, he was promoting the Marxist EU, ant-democratic prison ,as a perfect replacement for our 800 year old democracy. Add his support for a ”religion” that is openly threatening to absorb all other religions, with his approval, and in doing so, our laws and traditional freedoms.– The is treachery, he should be removed as unfit for purpose –whatever that is.

  11. Adam HileyReply

    Once Grey May finally withdraws the UK from the EU our so-called special relationship with America should end and concentrate on the Commonwealth instead

    • StevenReply

      Indeed, Adam. From what I have seen of it, the so-called ‘Special Relationship’ IS ‘special’ – ie ‘special’ in being very unequal and akin to the dog (the USA) pissing upon the lampost (Britain). That being said, the current President does appear to have at least some measure of feelings for us compared to many other US presidents. This is no doubt due to his partial British ancestry so what do the, ahem, ‘brainboxes’ in the House of Treason do? Yes, they regularly insult him and demean not just themselves (though how low they can still get is a matter for some debate) as MPs of the British Parliament but US as well as a country – something I, for one, take exception to. It’s time they were told in no uncertain terms to quit their virtue signalling re President Trump as our national interests should be a priority and NOT them being ever so ‘right on’.

  12. ThomasReply

    The special relationship will always exist because there is a unique bond between our two countries, that is nonexistent between other countries. The USA actually has a lot of respect for Britain; I’ve been out there and the relationship is definitely an equal one. I remember visiting one obscure town in the middle of West Virginia and one of the locals said to us, “If the rest of the town knew you were here, you would be in our local newspaper!” A lot of the animosity against America comes from the left, because it is an example of capitalism that works, especially now that there is a US President that is standing up for the people. Theresa May has done the right thing by inviting him here.

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