Thanks to our Operations manager as he leaves CIB’s service

John Petley

After four years’ service, John is standing down as Operations Manager for CIB.

We thank him for his work which has made this website an interesting, classified library of high quality topical  articles on matters relating to our country’s attainment of independence, a useful reference for activists.

John was  extremely active during the referendum campaign. More recently he has been working with our friends in Fishing for Leave, lobbying MPs, researchers, officials and staff on the as yet unsettled matter of the return of our fishing grounds to full British control.

His editorial work on the production of pamphlets has given our members and supporters some of the best available material  to use when making their case to politicians and the public – objective, factual but lively,  detailed without becoming tedious and free of mindless slogans.

John is continuing his interest in the independence struggle and plans to write a book, provisionally entitled “Never Again” on the constitutional safeguards, required to ensure that our country is never again subtly traded away into subjection to a foreign power and alien law.

On behalf of the national committee and members of CIB, I thank him for his service to the cause of independence.

Edward Spalton – Chairman

NB:- We respectfully request that members and supporters who have John’s personal e-mail details do not contact him now he is no longer a CIB employee

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  1. Jason BReply

    We wish John well for his future. We have always looked forward to his contributions. He has amazed us with the range of information he has sort to educate us on for a clean Brexit.

  2. John AshworthReply

    I endorse your Chairman’s remarks. John has been of tremendous assistance, and i could never have completed the fishery booklets and articles to such a high standard without his help.

    Thank you John for all your help and a job well done successfully.

  3. Mary RoweReply

    Thank you Mr Petley for your contribution regarding Brexit, you have been a real asset and encouragement, we need as many people like you as we can get as we continue the fight for our democracy.

  4. ThomasReply

    Edward Spalton is absolutely right. My favourite articles here have always been those of John’s; I would recommend his book Top Ten Reasons to Leave the EU to any who have not read it. If only more of our politicians had his knowledge and skills!

  5. Adam HileyReply

    good luck with Your future endeavours Mr Petley shame Your not Our PM alas We have the confused old lady Theresa May instead

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