A joint message from our Chairman and President

Both of us have  opposed  our country’s absorption into “a country called Europe” since the Seventies. We each knew that there was something wrong with the project and that is was not the mere “Common Market” which the Government held it out to be.

Gradually we found groups of like-minded people and worked together with them over the years, eventually joining  CIB where we have the privilege of working with people from all parties and none to get our country back.

So the vote to leave the EU is the culmination of the hope and toil of decades. We thank our CIB colleagues who have worked so very hard in this campaign and all the volunteers from all groups whom we have been able to help with leaflets, advertising, funds, speakers and  arrangements for meetings and debates all over the country. Neither do we forget those who have gone before us and did not live to see this day. Their generous bequests have been put to good use to achieve this victory. From joining activists in the streets and talking to members of the public, we felt that opinion was moving in our direction more strongly than the opinion polls suggested. We believe it is these volunteers who got us the victory.

Groups have sprung up all over the country. It is important for them to keep in touch with each other and with us and not to disband. This Army of Democracy needs a rest and refit but its task is not  finished until we are finally out of the EU. Mobilised public opinion will be required to keep Parliament and Government to their promises. We will be working with other groups to keep this army in being and to improve its effectiveness.

So, whilst we are exhilerated by this victory, we cannot relax.

George West – President                                Edward Spalton – Chairman

Volunteers wanted!

Are you willing to be the contact for others in your town and/or county for handing out leaflets or co-ordinating local activities. (We intend to publish a list of local contacts on the website.)

If so, please e-mail us with your name, e-mail and/or telephone number.

ALSO: if you are a fluent Welsh-speaker, we’d love to hear fom you. Our popular 5 Mistaken assumptions leaflet has been translated into Welsh by a kind volunteer, but we would like it to be proof-read before printing it and attempts to locate a qualified Welsh-speaker able to check it through have so far been unseccessful.

Photo by n8kowald