Brexit Action Day – Swansea

Supporters of LEAVE and organisations like The Freedom Association (TFA), Fishing for leave, veterans for Britain, UKIP and others are holding several action days over the next couple of months and invite you to take part in showing we will not allow BREXIT to be stolen off us.

If anyone  lives in the Swansea area, can you spare a couple of hours to demonstrate this by handing out leaflets and Campaigning in an area which voted to Leave, in a Country which voted to leave? The local  Labour MP refuses to accept the will of the people.

Please meet on Saturday 16th June in Castle Square, Swansea. SA1 1DW –  from 10:45. We will from here see where best to set out the street stall.

Directions from the railway station:

 From the station head down High Street(B4489) 350m to Swansea Castle, Wind Street. Castle Square is opposite the Castle next to the fountain.

Action Plan: 

This is a non-confrontational dignified Action Day to make our presence felt. Recruit members. Have Fun. Afterwards we will retire to a local hostelry.

Further Dates for your diary:-

Saturday 23rd June – The nearest Saturday to the Referendum Result for which so many groups  fought hard to win.

Saturday 2nd September -Coinciding with Merchant Navy Week (Thursday 30th August – 6th September) and a memorial Service at St. Marys Church Swansea on the Sunday. The Church is very close to the square and will be flying the ‘Red Duster’ for that week.


For more details, contact Stan on 07913 181 250

Grassroots Out Action day – 5th March

Grassroots Out

Grassroots Out is putting on the biggest Grassroots movement in over 10 years. We have more than 300 street stalls planned in many locations all over the UK. Come and support your local street stall and help distribute a million leaflets to the British public.

Take plenty of photos @grassroots_out #GOactionday

Let us know how you would like to help the campaign.

The details of the different venues can be found here.