Support a proper military Brexit – sign this petition

If the UK is to separate fully from the EU, this must include cutting any ties with the EU’s military which might compromise our ability to act independently.

In order to achieve this, the UK’s independent military capacity must be retained. We therefore encourage our members and supporters to sign this petition, which calls for a halt to proposed cuts to the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy’s amphibious assault ships

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    the only military alliances We should be part of is with NATO or with the Commonwealth not ungrateful Europe leave them to it I see this appalling Government is at it again with defence cuts instead of abolishing the Foreign Aid Department the welfare system Government waste and immediately leaving the EU

  2. Ray BradleyReply

    All the parallels leading up to ww2 are being reenacted with this pathetic traitorous government.
    Cutting our armed forces and denying the equipment they require is tantamount to treason,but they are too thick to learn from history especially in this very hostile world of today.Also to align ourselves with a hodge podge of a EU army with a Italian female politician in charge beggars belief.

  3. Simon BlanchardReply

    The cuts to Britain’s Armed Forces are very deliberate and coordinated with our French counterparts.
    It’s clearly a policy change to reflect the treaty signed in 2010, that the operational life of the amphibious landing craft has been curtailed from 2033/34 to now
    Who will be flanking the 2 new aircraft carriers? Ans. The French Navy
    What will the nationality of crew of the aircraft carrier be? ans. French and British
    Who will we look towards for amphibious landing capability? Ans. The French
    In effect since 2010 the Lancaster Hse treaty 2010, dubbed in the Press as Entente Frugal, UK and French forces have been merging and agreeing to contract out defence capability to the French. It means the UK will never again be able to act independently to defend its own shores from attack, or follow its own foreign policy or protect British interest abroad, without the French being in agreement.
    The merger is in preparation for the formation of an EU Army or pan-European Army or EU miltary Unification, but since Brexit, you would think such a plan has changed in regards to further integration for the UK . In fact EU military unification has accelerated since June 2016.

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