Support Fishing for Leave’s protests – details, dates and venues (updated 4th June)

Fishing for Leave is staging mass protests with fishermen in ports nationwide against the Transition deal that will see the UK obeying all EU law including the hated Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The demonstrations will be joined by top Tory MPs and Brexiteers.


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  1. Adam HileyReply

    none of these towns are near Me Southend on Sea would be the nearest coastal town 20 miles away what the hell is the Government doing We should simply leave

    • StevenReply

      To my mind, Adam, Mrs Maybe/Mayhem ext are trying to create circumstances in which they either get to call a general election which they will lose or the grounds for calling a second referendum after having negociated a DELIBERATELY BAD deal which they will then put to the people and not win (which they want) and thus have sufficient reason to cancel Brexit or go ahead with a ‘Brexit’ which has been subjected to death by a thousand cuts. Ever since Mrs May became PM WITHOUT HER PARTY MEMBERS BEING ALLOWED TO VOTE on her coronation I’ve been suspicious of the Conservative Party’s leadership and their real intentions. with regard to this subject. I’m afraid, the Tory Party is STILL the ‘party of Europe’ as it has been since Ted Heath’s day and arguably Macmillan’s.

    • StevenReply

      Yes, we should simply leave by repealing the European Communities Act 1973 in the House of Commons. Going down the Article 50 route is a quagmire. It was DESIGNED TO BE THAT WAY so that the government doing this would be embroiled in such a tortuous process they would more likely than not simply give-up in utter despair and not go through with an exit from the EU and to deter others with intentions to leave as well. Also, Article 50 hands the EU a lot of power to deal with the negociations to their advantage.

      • Jason BReply

        Steve, it may well have to come to just that. The British public will vote with their feet. I have sent a letter off to my local. I think this is a good source and I would very much encourage others to do so. Among other things I stated that in our great and historic Brexit vote to reclaim full control, including our seas, we are now facing jeopardy owing to us cowing to the EU by remaining under the EU Common Fisheries Policy during the 21 month transitional period – that in real essence our seas will still remain in full membership of the EU after Brexit day – this being an EU entrapment policy.

        I mentioned the fishing boats demonstration highlighted both the plight of the fishing industry and the fact we never voted to allow any transition period under whatever sphere, for us to remain in full membership of the EU.

        I added a reminder, the question on the referendum ballot paper was unambiguous, ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union’?

        May others, as enabled, write to there local.

  2. JakeReply

    We just need to Leave. May and so many others are quislings and traitors, there is no other way to describe these awful politicians.

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  4. MsBridgitReply

    While the Great Britain’s continued membership of the Federation helps to fund the poorer European Federation members the EU desperately needs the UK financial input to remain afloat. Once other Federation members see it is possible to escape, it could be goodnight Irene for this unholy alliance. Anything can happen

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