Statement by Barry Legg, Chairman of the Bruges Group

Theresa May has decided to pursue a policy of Brexit in name only (BRINO). This arrangement will be worse than our current membership of the European Union as we will then be a vassal state.

If this policy is implemented the electoral consequences for the Conservative Party will be dire. I urge all members of the Bruges Group to contact their Conservative Member of Parliament if they are represented by one to explain that this is unacceptable. The decision of the British people to leave the European Union must be honoured. In many cases an appeal to a Member of Parliament`s self-interest is the most effective way of influencing him or her.

Next week on Wednesday evening we have a meeting at 7 o`clock at the ROSL with Nigel Dodds, leader of the DUP in the House of Commons, and Professor Patrick Minford. Patrick has an unapparelled knowledge and understanding of the huge economic benefits that are to be gained by leaving the European Union. Nigel Dodds, as Leader of the DUP, is the most influential figure at Westminster as his Party holds the balance of power. I hope that you will be able to attend this meeting to hear these outstanding speakers and give your views at this critical time for our country.

Barry Legg

Chairman of the Bruges Group

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    with luck the Conservative Brexiteers will now remove May and stick Her Brexit Policy in the shredder I have never rated May disastrous Home Secretary disastrous Premier there is no need for new elections no need for continuing the Stupid negotiations with Barnier We just leave the EU and ECHR right away

    • StevenReply

      I don’t have a problem with a transition period (apart from the issue of free movement of labour which MUST END immediately in March 2019) PROVIDED the END RESULT is that we LEAVE ALL the main underlying structures of the EU ie the single market and the customs union. Anything else, would be a ‘transition’ to an unending quagmire and represent the VERY WORST form of remaining! The government needs to make a decision between either LEAVING IN FULL as was voted for by a MAJORITY in a binary referendum or BEING HONEST FOR ONCE, have the courage of their REMAINER convictions and CANCEL BREXIT IN FULL. NO SENSIBLE person in this country wants a half-in/half-out FUDGE, ‘taxes (VAT)being levied upon us by an external authority WITHOUT REPRESENTATION ie MEPS etc!.

  2. Jason BReply

    I wonder what the bearing of President Trump’s visit will have. It could well do something. No to the EU / UK rulebook.

    • StevenReply

      Indeed. How can we be said to be LEAVING the EU if we are to mirror EU regulations? We want the SUBSTANCE of Brexit not just the wrapping paper!

    • StevenReply

      Sadly, Adam, May no doubt believes she CAN indeed get away with it. She is calculating that most Brexit supporters live either in very safe Labour-held seats the Tories have no hope of ever gaining (places like Sunderland) or in very ‘true blue’ Tory ones like where I live (I am in one of their top twenty or so safest seats) which would take a massive anti-Tory landslide like in the 1906 general election in which the Tories LOST a MAJORITY of their seats (for the first and ONLY TIME) to the then Liberal Party in their South East England citadel. Cameron made the mistake of thinking the EU referendum result was in the bag for Remain because he thought that the result would be akin to general elections in which WHERE A VOTE IS CAST has a big difference as to its value in deciding the overall result whereas with a referendum EVERY VOTE COUNTED whether that was in classic Tory/Labour marginals like Thurrock, Essex or the Rhondda Valley or Windsor!

  3. ThomasReply

    Theresa May will not get away with this. Parliament will not vote for the Chequers proposals and the EU will not accept it as it damages the integrity of its own structures. The vast majority of the Conservative membership are fiercely Eurosceptic and dislike this deal. The majority of constituencies that voted Tory in the last election actually voted Leave. She is playing a very risky game by pandering to the Remain minority in her party.

  4. Phil JonesReply

    The EU has been the only honest party in the whole Brexit process. It said from the start that the UK had to choose between being fully in and fully out — either part of the nascent EU (soon to be, USE) federal country OR not part of that country. We voted OUT. A majority of Brits want the UK to return to being a self-governing independent country (”country’ used in the international primary sense of the word, which includes full control over borders, NOT the Scottish secondary sense of ‘common culture and history only’). But May somehow thought that she was brighter and smarter than everybody else and could somehow give the appearance of the UK being OUT while actually having it stay IN. The EU has never changed its position of requiring any territory wishing to join it to accept all four of its Freedoms, and won’t go for May’s sell-out scheme in which the UK leaves in name only in order to appease Big Business’s interests.

    The Four Freedoms are present in all federal countries. Look at the USA where people, goods, services, capital are the same for a business in Ohio whether it trades with others in Ohio or trades with others in Pennsylvania or California or any other US state. And the same in Canada, and the same in Australia. The Four Freedoms define what is a federal country. And I don’t blame the EU and those running it for saying to the UK that it is either fully in or fully out. Make the choice. I do blame an imbecile like May for deceiving us and trying to cheat us out of the result of the 2016 Referendum. If the UK is to get a trading agreement with the EU, it has to be one in which there are no political trade-offs for the trading agreement — for instance, being half-in, half-out, such as in the EFTA. CETA would be acceptable, since total political separation, but no way that the EU would agree to that when the UK has to be taught a lesson for leaving. The May-Robbins’ Sell-out Scheme would have the UK not leave the EU fully politically in order to soothe Big Business. IT IS NOT WHAT WE VOTED FOR!!!!!

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