Some Brexit insights from Ireland

Dr Anthony Coughlan, a leading supporter of  “Irexit” and long-term acquaintance of Edward Spalton, our Chairman, has recently forwarded some interesting insights into Brexit which come from a well-placed Irish friend of his.

“The editorial in today’s Irish Times and the article by Stephen Collins are saying – obliquely – what you … and others have been saying since the referendum, i.e. that the British and Irish Governments have to sit down and work out a post-Brexit border regime, which requires technical and pragmatic solutions according to Michel Barnier.

Indeed it does, but the European Commission was not saying that at first. It is doing so now, I suspect, because the continental Member States are getting fed up with the Irish Government and the European Commission, along with British Remainers, attempting to use the border to scupper Brexit. The Continentals just want the thing sorted.”

This is one glimmer of light in what has not been a happy time for negotiators as far as the Irish border issue has been concerned. Barnier’s “backstop” proposal of keeping Northern Ireland in the Customs Union was greeted with widespread anger among Unionists in Northern Ireland. It does not bring the issue any closer to resolution but does suggest that, not withstanding public shows of solidarity by the other 26 EU member states, the Irish government will not garner much support for being deliberately obstructive over the search for a resolution to the border issue.

On a less encouraging note, however, Dr Coughlan’s friend goes on to say:-

I suspect, incidentally, that if the West attacks Syria the British Government might use it as an opportunity to “suspend” Brexit. I have little doubt that the British Foreign Office is working up something along those lines to present to Theresa May. If there is a really serious war, i.e. WW3, it won’t matter, but a shooting war that is something less than WW3 would suit the Remainers down to the ground.

The latter are well capable of urging an attack on Syria for that purpose. I hope the Brexit community in the UK is alive to this possibility, particularly Tory MPs, some of whom might otherwise be expected to be gung-ho for war over Syria.”

Since Dr Coughlan sent us his friend’s comments,  a military force including the USA, the UK and France has bombed Syria. The first polls taken after this action suggests that there is strong opposition from the UK public to these actions, with supporters outnumbered by two to one. Furthermore, Mrs May faces strong opposition from Parliament, annoyed at not being given a vote. So while an escalation of the conflict may be in the remainiacs’ interests, it does not look particularly likely at the moment.

Even so, this bunch of bad losers needs careful monitoring. A meeting of remoaners took place yesterday (Sunday 15th April ) in London, with the hope of launching a major drive to stop Brexit. Our friends from Leavers from London turned out in some force with a counter-demonstration, holding placards yet being polite and friendly.

It remains our opinion that a badly- executed Brexit remains a far greater concern than the activities of disgruntled, incorrigible remoaners,  but they must not be underestimated.

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    We should keep out of another American led adventure in the middle east and the Remoaner MP’s need deselecting

    • StevenReply

      Precisely, Adam, and not least because we, unlike the USA, have a large number of muslims in this country many of whom are not in anyway properly integrated into our society and thus liable to engage in internal terrorism against us when we attack a muslim country. To be frank, we in Britain now have to choose the wars we engage in very carefully because we have so many people who originate from the countries we could be at war with. If Britain had had millions of Germans living here in 1939/1940 we might well have chosen to be neutral when Hitler invaded Poland so as to ensure we didn’t have the possibility of those people of German origin committing terrorism within our borders. Have we not learnt anything from Bliar’s war in Iraq?

  2. david bartropReply

    The dust having settled, Brexit has nothing to do with a war, the correct couse was taken in my opinion to knock out the chemical facilities in Syria,all those wanting no action have got it wrong.
    We are now at peace, Syria is disciplined and the world is against Russia. so they are ticked off too.
    The BBC continue to be not fit for purpose, I saw no news of the fishing protest whatsoever, and on a discussion about Fishing for Leave’s complaint, about two years extra in EU and no change to quotas the reporter managed to avoid any mention of Heath giving away their rights and no mention of possible return of 200 mile area and all of fishing back to UK to the exclusion of all other, ie UK continuing to give away our coastal communities birthright.
    David Bartrop

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