So we’re all stupid racists?

It’s over a year since the referendum but some remoaners just will not give up their belief that a group of ignorant racists bear the prime responsibilty for our leaving the EU. As stubborn as the most ardent flat earthers, no amount of evidence to the contrary will shake their convictions.

Last August, our Chairman debunked the claims of an alleged increase in racist hate crime, showing how easily the statistics can be manipulated.  Undeterred, Channel 4 thought they had struck gold when featuring Sivalingam Rajan, a Sri Lankan-born shopkeeper from Swindon, who suffered a racist attack after telling a customer that she didn’t have enough money to pay for her purchase. The offending girl was interviewed by the programme and asked about Brexit, no doubt in anticipation that she had voted to leave the EU.  Instead, she replied, “I didn’t watch it, things like that I don’t get involved with – nothing to do with me.”

You would expect better things from the respected Nature journal but sadly not. Last January, we highlighted an article by Colin MacIlwain of Edinburgh who called Leave voters “a loose coalition of dissenters, doubters and right-wing jackals.”  Undeterred by its descent into the levels of the gutter press, Nature subsequently published a piece by a certain Jane Green who claimed that “voters with less education cast ballots consistent with populist waves.” So there you have it. We’re all thickos. Richard North, with a PhD to his name, the trilingual Daniel Hannan MEP with his history degree from Oxford, the multi-millionaire inventor and businessman Sir James Dyson and Cambridge-educated Dame Helena Morrisey, one of the most influential women in the City of London are all complete numbskulls because they supported Brexit.

OK, perhaps on average, a higher percentage of remain voters may have had degrees, but there is a world of difference between having a good brain and actually using it!



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  1. Christopher DarwinReply

    Unfortunately, many people with university degrees can be ‘Educated Idiots’.
    Were those who fought against the various enemies in WW1 or WW2 racists – after all, the military was attempting to kill the enemy – or patriots?

    Incidentally, the 2016 Referendum was administered by Counting Areas.
    On, put ‘Referendum 2016 Result’ in the Search box.
    Select Analysis (first line), scroll down to Area.
    258 Leave, 115 Remain.
    Parliament’s own statistics – it sounds like a landslide.

  2. Colin HingstonReply

    I don’t have a degree; just an HNC in Engineering. So THAT’s why I voted Leave!
    What am I like, eh?

  3. Gordon WebsterReply

    What is racism? What is Discrimination and being Non Judgemental ? What is Xenophobia? To begin with, as an ex Trained Psychiatric Nurse, I can say categorically, that we could not survive as a species, without the ability to Discriminate or Judge. Prejudice, on the other hand is learned behaviour, and not a Self Defence Mechanism.
    Up until Blair passed The Equality Act Discrimination had never been seen as a weapon, and had never been used as a stick to beat us. The Equality Act changed all that and, as Lord Falconer’s Explanation Paper pointed out graphically, enshrined Perception in Law. You now have words like Discrimination and Judgemental being abused, and deliberately misunderstood, and you have Perception of Offence coming into Law – you do not have to be insulted or offended, you only have to think you were. Blair’s Act also changed a Fundamental Principle of British Law to accommodate his Proscriptive Act, and that is he turned Innocent Until Proven Guilty on its head, and an Allegation of Offence was sufficient, not requiring proof.
    Britain has, prior to our illegal entry into the “Common Market,” accepted and absorbed Italians, Polish, Ahmadi Pakistanis, and a whole host of other peoples, without a murmur, which rather knocks the Xenophobia accusation on the head. They settled well, and are still with us. However, whether it is Common Purpose, or Frankfurt School left wing teaching, or just plain ignorance, the liberal left choose to use words against us, to shout down and drown any protest. Dr Joost Meerloo calls this “Logocide,” or “Verbocracy.” The use of words as a weapon to kill the mind, and kill all opposition and dissent. Nazi Germany did it, Stalin’s Russia did it, and Communist China did it, as a means to confuse and sow fear and panic in the population, to facilitate a totalitarian takeover.

  4. Clive WReply

    Some time ago I came across an article that discusses the differencev between being educated and being intelligent:


    We know only too well how the ‘Cambridge 5’ all supopoosedly highly educated intellectuals spied for the Soviet Union blind to the human atrocities and purges condusted by Stalin and ignored the appalling ecomonmic performance of the communist system..

    We see how supposedly educated people do drugs, get into debt, commit crime……….

    An education can be bought and we see this with some of our leading politcos but no one can buy intelligence.

    The vast majority of the 17m who voted to Leave were intelligent enough to understand what the EU is all about as shown in the post Referendum polling conducted by Lord Ashcroft where the No I reason for voting Leave was Sovereignty whereas the No 1 reason for voting Remain was Project Fear something any intelligent person could see what total nonsense.

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