Sir David Amess: 26 March 1952 – 17 October 2021

We join with all supporters of decency and the rule of law in our revulsion and condemnation of the murder of Sir David Amess, Member of Parliament for Southend West at a surgery meeting for constituents on 15th October in a church hall at Leigh on Sea. It appears that he was stabbed to death by a man of Somali descent and suspected Islamist terrorist beliefs. Our deepest sympathy goes to Lady Amess and his family.


Sir David had socially conservative views and was a long-term Brexiteer but his courteous manner and generous sympathies enabled him to get on with constituents and parliamentary colleagues of widely differing views. He had a deep interest in animal welfare and in the amelioration of fuel poverty. He campaigned very effectively from the back benches for these and many other causes.


In Ayes and Ears: a Survivor’s Guide to Westminster, he wrote how the murder in 2016 of the Labour MP Jo Cox by a British extremist had “spoilt the great British tradition” of voters meeting their own MPs. “ We regularly check our locks and many others have had CCTV cameras installed, but probably the most significant change has been with constituency surgeries”.