The Campaign for an Independent Britain is a non-party political campaigning organisation of people from all walks of life who recognize that continuing British membership of the European Union poses grave threats to our liberties, independence, and economic prosperity.

We believe that Britain should leave the European Union and that the corrupt, undemocratic, obsolete and fraud-ridden EU should be superseded by modern, democratic structures that enable the peoples of Europe to co-operate without loss of any nation’s freedoms and way of life.

The Campaign for an Independent Britain seeks the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 under which EU directives and regulations take precedence over UK law. Once self-government has been recovered, the United Kingdom would be free, as an independent state, to co-operate and trade with its neighbours in Europe and with countries elsewhere in the world without the restrictions imposed by EU membership.

Britain’s relationship with the European Union is one that sits above party politics and one doesn’t have to be a member of any particular political party to be concerned about the ever-growing power of the EU. In Campaign for an Independent Britain we have members from all the major political parties, trades unionists, environmentalists, businessmen, students, journalists as well as members of both Houses of Parliament who are united in their belief that Britain’s membership of the European Union has been a great error for this country.

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