Rise up? Throw up more likely!

Politicians rely on people’s short memories and none more so than Tony Blair, who must rate as one of the most deceitful, despised characters ever to have been Prime Minister. So his recruitment to the Europhile cause, trying to get people to “rise up” and overturn the democratic decision to leave the EU, is most welcome to independence campaigners.

Even Simon Jenkins in the Guardian has said Blair should “butt out”, adding that “former Prime Ministers do not campaign against the people”  Our President, my colleague George West, agrees. “It is time for the people of Britain to rise up against Tony Blair, a man who promised to take the UK out of the EEC if elected to Parliament.He should remember his promise  and stop blethering on about trying to keep us inside the European Union.”

Let us remember, he is the man who sent our troops into Iraq, ill-equipped on the strength of a dodgy dossier which was later found to have been plagiarised from a student’s thesis on the internet. The Weapons of Mass Destruction did not exist. Many better men than he were sent to their deaths or disablement on the strength of his deceit.

He now pretends concern that the controversy over Brexit could lead to the break-up of the United Kingdom, yet he and his government bear the greatest responsibility for this. Devolution in Scotland and Wales was quite deliberately “asymmetric” – that is unbalanced and unfair, creating bad feeling between people in different parts of the kingdom.

Blair’s deputy, John Prescott, set about completing the process of dividing Britain by trying to create elected regional assemblies in England. The people of the North East rejected that soundly. Had the programme succeeded, the whole country would have been balkanised into regions of around 5 million people with their own representation in Brussels – bite-sized chunks for easier digestion by the EU. Scotland and Wales are, of course, EU regions.

The ideology for this was set out in a report on British identity by the Runnymede Trust which Blair commissioned. It was chaired by Lord Parekh and came to the conclusion that we now were “a nation of communities” and that the very terms British and Britain were so laden with racism that their use should be discouraged and, if possible, discontinued. On that account, the report considered a completely new name for our country but, in the end, made no recommendation.

These are the sort of people who will be backing Blair and who have made the very name “Blairite” one of the most deadly insults possible within the Labour party and its former supporters. David Cameron, of course, aspired to be “the heir to Blair” and the country gave him his marching orders with the referendum. Their day is done. With challenges as well as opportunities, we are on our way to being a free country now.

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  1. TinuvielReply

    Let’s hope we can pull together, all corners, with a shared identity and purpose.
    We have been let down by our politicians for years. Self serving clique.

    What happened to us and why did we allow it to happen?

    Divine intervention is needed to get us back on track. Unfortunately I see turmoil ahead as the pie may shrink but each wants a larger slice – Charles Hugh Smith article today.

  2. Derek ReynoldsReply

    Well stated. There’s a reason why Blair became known as ‘B’liar’. An agent of evil no less, doing the dirty work of disseminating a Nation at its core and opening the gates of discontent.

  3. Edward SpaltonReply

    Back in either late 2004 or early 2005, I attended a meeting of South Derbyshire Pensioners’ Association which was, more or less, a Labour party fiefdom. There was a prominent platform party of Labour MPs, MEPs and Councillors, all trying to gather support in advance of the expected election, which was fair enough.

    I had a question about occupational pensions, which was heard and fairly dealt with. What surprised me was the response of the pensioners to mention of Tony Blair’s name. Every time someone on the platform mentioned Tony Blair’s name, the pensioners hissed. They hated his guts.!

    It didn’t stop sufficient of them voting Labour for them to win the election but it was an eye opener to me. It was also evident that the platform was not in sympathy with the audience on the matter of immigration but they skirted round it as cleverly as they could. Tribal loyalty was sufficient to prevent a rebellion but it was clear that the leadership was far removed from the general sentiment of most of the audience.

  4. Petrina HoldsworthReply

    What a surprise Mandy has now come out of the shadows to support Blair.
    I presume that he wrote the script ,which incidentally was very badly delivered by Tony.
    This is getting worse than a “Carry on ” film.
    It will be interesting to see who they next produce for our edification and enjoyment.
    George Soros perhaps?

  5. TinuvielReply

    The UK has considerable intellectual property and research clout that can help us. I am very concerned to read Oxford is to set-up a French Campus in exchange for “sweetners”.

    We have so few national champion companies we can I’ll afford to lose any research capability or IP that could help become the basis of such in future.

    There is no excuse for the Government to not come out fighting in defence of whatever capabilities we have. We will desperately need new industries and all revenue sources.

    I am concerned that we will see elements of the UK sold off in exchange for “sweetners” and we become poorer in future as a consequence.

    Blair may have little influence but I’m not convinced what we have had as leadership since has been very much better, perhaps less slime.

  6. cliff longlandsReply

    Its all very simple really ,i have always thought that ,the fishing industry is the key to all the negotiations and uncertainties ,if the fishermen are happy ,it will be evident that there is a successful end to negotiations ,and we have the Uk back to where it was before the EEC was ever thought of ,and i also believe this partition of the Uk into the (regional ), eu words ,for Wales Scotland and N Ireland will be thought of as a no brain° er ,whats the point !!! cliff longlands

  7. Christopher DarwinReply

    The nonsense that is HS2 was the result of “EU directive 96/48” – just Google it and look for the entry with LEX included.
    The UK politicians never told us this. We shall spend 50 billion to save 20 minutes on the train time from London to Birmingham
    Since we shall be leaving the EU, can we not ignore this directive and stop HS2 now?

  8. John Petley
    John PetleyReply

    There is an interesting article on the on-line “Euractiv” website (see here:- http://www.euractiv.com/section/politics/news/that-bus-has-gone-eu-sees-no-brexit-u-turn-now/) Headed “That bus has gone”, it quotes “a senior EU diplomat” saying just that – in other words, there’s no turning back. “No one is happy about it. But we have moved on and the last thing anyone wants now is to reopen the whole issue.”

    I was surprised that the EU’s attitude right from the announcement of the referendum result was driven by seeking to limit the contagion rather than trying to get us to change our minds.

    The article mentions the “special favours” which the EU rather grudgingly granted o the UK – Mrs Thatcher’s Fontainebleau rebate, the opt-outs form the Euro and Schengen, for example. We always were the awkward partner and although our decision to vote to leave was a hammer blow to the EU’s credibility, not only have the other member states accepted the result of the referendum but it seems like they don’t want us back. We would be unlikely to be allowed to keep our opt-outs if we re-applied at some future date – that is, assuming there would be any EU left to re-join by then.

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  10. Victor HopeReply

    Rise Up Rise Up with Tony
    you EU loving sorts and now with Johnnie Major
    the big brave fight back starts

    Well fight them in the Guardian and on the BBC
    were fighting for our pensions and “Fake News” history.

    Remember how they love us and make us just like them
    they’ll be lost without us
    and that is just a shame.

    Rise Up Rise Up with Tony
    you EU loving sorts and now with Johnnie Major
    the big brave fight back starts.

    (I am sure there are many more verses out there)

  11. Adam HileyReply

    has there ever been a more vile & despicable creatures than former Prime Ministers Blair and his protégé Cameron

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