A revised estimate – the financial settlement with the EU

Since we published Anthony Scholefield’s Futurus Briefing paper on the financial settlement with the EU, the author has undertaken some further research which has resulted in a revision to the original document. The revised version can be downloaded here.

It should be pointed out that the headline figures, suggesting that the EU owes us a refund, have not been revised, but  extra background information, such as our realistic future pension liabilities, has been added.

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Anthony Scholefield

Anthony Scholefield

Anthony Scholefield is Director of the Futurus Think Tank

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  1. Phil JonesReply

    Says it all. I see that Mrs. Theresa (“Sell-out”) May’s plan to give away the shop came dismally apart yesterday (Monday) thanks to the principled leader of the DUP. That lady, or one of Johnson, Gove, JRM, Patel and a few other committed Brexit backers, should take over from Mrs. May — who just seems geared toward complete and utter capitulation. I’m 150% in favour of the UK simply walking away at this point. The UK is never ever going to get any type of fair trading deal with the EU. An absolute waste of time. And for those who somehow think that an EEA/EFTA scheme is the answer, that simply turns the UK from province to quasi-province, with it still being locked in to an undemocratic organization led by a den of integrating ideological vipers.

  2. David SaundersReply

    If we walk away and trade under World Trade Organisiation (WTO) free trade terms this will be better than any deal with the EU. The EU will hardly offer the UK a better deal than WTO terms because that would encourage other EU members to do a Brexit.

    We have nothing to lose with a no EU deal.

  3. Gordon WebsterReply

    Under British Constitutional Law, and International Law, we could have walked away in July 2016. The fact that we remain members strongly suggests that Westminster, not just May’s Cabinet, have no particular desire to honour the Referendum by The Sovereign British People.

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