Remoaners use ridicule to try to reach the ‘yoof’ vote.



It is interesting that most of the marchers on 23 June seemed to be of the older generation! Open Britain claimed 170,000 supporters for their People’s Vote petition – 1% of the actual Leave vote. It wasn’t on the government website with independent verification, and the petition webpage seemed to show multiple signatures and a lot of foreign names.

To overturn the referendum result, crank Remoaners howl “Let the people have their say”. Hypocritically when Leave media reps are interviewed on College Green, cranks try to disrupt the show for viewers and effectively stop people having their say.

Unable to accept democracy, a Remoaner tactic is to try to link Brexit with the negative – “hate crime”, “no NHS”, Trump, (uncheckable) long term forecasts of doom and gloom.

When we got comments putting the record straight over job fears on a key local paper website, soundbite addict Remoaners were reduced to retorting “You’re a Putin bot”.

Article produced by Brian Mooney of Resistance

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    • StevenReply

      However, the point is, Adam, that they don’t need to do much when they have a government that will only allow a BINO (Brexit In Name Only) to take place. The government will loudly claim the referendum’s instruction has been fullfilled in full (even though to any remotely intelligent person that won’t be the case) and thanks to our archaic electoral system in which the vast majority of the electorate live in safe seats which never change hands or even get near to doing so the government can do this and expect to get away with it without much risk of suffering a significant electoral backlash. Why wouldn’t the government take the mickey when the electoral system has no inherent link between a party gaining votes and gaining seats (eg the Tories INCREASED their vote substantially from 2015 to 2017’s election by 5% of the national vote YET they LOST their overall majority by LOSING 13 seats!) and the Liberal Democrats LOST VOTES in 2017 from their already poor showing in 2015 YET THEY GAINED MPS! Such is the utter insansity of basing an electoral system PURELY on small, geographical constituencies!

  1. StevenReply

    In no small part, First Past The Post ( which is misnamed anyway since there is no real ‘winning post’ either at the local constituency level or the more important national level and should be renamed what it actually is ie the ‘single member plurality system’) has helped to create the ABSURD situation in which we live in a country that was given a direct vote (WITH EVERY VOTE CAST counting EQUALLY to the result) on a binary issue of whether to remain a member of the EU or to leave it and returning a LEAVE vote by a majority YET having a partliament which is supposed to carry this wish of the British people filled to the brim with MPs diametrically opposed to this idea. No wonder we are such a mess!

  2. PipReply

    I meet disenchanted remain voters in my daily life.
    I am appalled at their sublime political ignorance. they haven’t the time to get away from their smartphone distractions to actually research the history and future objectives if the EU. Anyone doing so could not but come to the realisation that the EU is quintessentially pernicious and a direct attack on democratic freedom.
    It is in short a precursor of the hideous New World Order being foisted on an unsuspecting humanity.
    Anyone supporting remain having done the research and still advocating remain is ergo a supporter of liberal fascism.

    People need to wake up to the fact that all media is now bought owned and shipped out to the Globalist Money Automatons

    The media engineered attacks on Trump Johnson etc are a direct attack on freedom of speech. once that is gone democracy is dead

    I do not engage with the thought manipulating rubbish spewed out by the press, media and internet ad nauseum
    I trust that human decency will prevail and the gross political deception that is the EU will be exposed and consigned to the dustbin of history where it belongs

  3. ThomasReply

    Because it would result in a huge centralised bureaucracy with very poor quality local public services and far less accountability. Voting for a person as prime minisiter would either mean that he or she would continue to appoint Cabinet members along former party lines because they would agree with his or her ideology or we would have to elect each cabinet member and MP in separate elections.

  4. Robin LambertReply

    If Anything Now I live Away from m25 People Are NOT changing to ‘Remain’ but LBC & other Media Actually have A lot of Remainers Saying ”They are Sick &Tired of delaying Tactics by Lib-Lab-Con-SNP MPs & MEPs
    Just Want Out asap. No £40billion ‘Money ‘for Nowt.

    CEOs 95% want to Stay as doesbankers Goldman Sachs,Deutsche Bank,Lloyds,

    BBC,Judiciary,Police,Civil Service are Meant to be Non-Political. 70% of Parliament MPs have their OWN agenda.Which is Why People are Cynical…

  5. David SaundersReply

    With a desperately mediocre leader who is politically inarticulate the Tory Party is losing touch with the country. Mrs May is a born again Remainer who is mandated to introduce a great change that she and most of her Cabinet would themselves never have brought about.

    Mr Corbyn is a secret Leaver whose mainly pro EU MPs are edging closer to abandoning Brexit.

    Who in Parliament truly represents the 17.4 million people that voted to leave the EU? Not many and the political class is losing the trust of voters with unknown consequences for democracy.

  6. John DrewryReply

    Sorry, Thomas, I should have expanded. What I should have said was why can’t we vote for people at a local level, people we really want to represent us in our local communities, rather than this awful constituency and party system that fields candidates we neither know nor like, which propagates cynicism, despair and the very centralised bureaucracy you bemoan quite rightly?

  7. ThomasReply

    Thanks for explaining, John. I completely agree; it would be good for people to know more about their MP. If people knew who they voted for it would make a huge difference in the amount of accountability MPs have to their constitiuents. Certainly amongst many people I talk to, the biggest issue in politics for them is that they feel MPs do not represent them. The way they have acted over the EU and a proposed burka ban in recent weeks has served only to strengthen that emotion. Of course, this kind of two-tier voting system, like the Proportional Representation system advocated by Steven (see above) which has been adopted by Germany and New Zealand, would have the benefit of reducing this vicious disease of bureaucracy and centralisation that has infected the British system for decades. I think we can learn from such a system and would like to see a thorough inquiry into how it could be adapted for us. The first step ought to be implementing the Government’s proposed changes to the size of the constituencies, but this is currently being blocked by Labour and I am concerned they would block these more radical changes to our electoral system as well.

  8. Adam HileyReply

    this Country has never had such dismal Leadership as it has now all 3 parties including the uber Lightweight Lib Dems all need getting rid of Theresa May should for the love of god just resign please Jeremy Corbyn is a appalling piece of work a serial liar and traitor and Vinnie Cable is retiring

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