The Norway Option DVDPeter Troy

See this link for a trailer on The Norway Option with an introduction by the Rt. Hon. Lord Tebbit of Chingford, PC CH, President of The Bruges Group


The EU – a Corporatist  Racket Dave Barnby

Brexit Monographs

These are summaries of the Brexit monographs which can be found in full here.

monographs-1-5 in a single document. It covers:-

  • Single Market participation and free movement of persons.
  • The WTO Option and its application to Brexit.
  • Financial contributions after Brexit.
  • Article 50 and Brexit negotiations.
  • Trade barriers and Brexit.

monographs-6-7 in a single document It covers:-

  • Post-Brexit regulation.
  • Trade agreements.

monograph 8 WTO schedules and concessions.

monograph 9 A European Economic Space.

monograph 10 Liechtenstein reprised.

monograph 11 Authorised Economic Operators

monograph 12 Taking back control

monograph 13 International quasi-legislation and the EU

monograph 14 Financial services and Brexit

monograph 15 Leaving the single market part 1

monograph 16 Leaving the Customs Union

monograph 17 Food exports to the EU

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