Recalcitrant MPs:- where do you stand?

This letter was sent out by our secretary, Jim Reynolds, to a number of MPs who recently voted against the Government. It makes the point about democracy very forcefully and offers a useful template to anyone else wishing to contact our elected representatives in the event of future Brexit votes

It is often mentioned that some Eurosceptic MP’s had a majority for ‘Remain in the EU’ within their own constituencies. However, it is never mentioned that some pro-EU MP’s had a majority of ‘Pro-Brexit’ within their constituencies.

Why is this? One can guess.

These facts are actually irrelevant because the Referendum was not fought or decided on a constituency basis. It was fought on the entire 650 constituencies as one single voting area.

If you wish to treat it on a ‘constituency’ basis there were only two Parties involved, one for Stay and one for Leave.

The result was an 80 seat majority for the Leave Party. A huge majority. A true fact.

Let us not forget, it was Parliament itself that voted to devolve the decision on EU membership to us, in our Referendum.

What great principle of constitutional propriety do you stand for when it seems you have been quite happy to see Parliament circumvented and supplanted by the EU for 40 years?

The people who want to reverse a democratic vote result should be aware that this action is otherwise known as Fascism, an imposition against the majority will of the people.

Where do you stand on this?

Yours faithfully,

James Reynolds

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  1. Phil JonesReply

    Grieve and Soubry and the others who voted against their own Party and the British people’s democratic decision need the Whip taken from them and we need to ensure that they are not selected as Tory candidates for the next GE. I consider them traitors. The pompous francophone Grieve is a real irritant. Soubry seems to be deranged in photos. There are far better Tory candidates available than this traitorous bunch.

  2. Gordon WebsterReply

    I would like to know how much money our Political Parties, and MPs, draw from Brussels. I know that two or three (Morgan, Soubry, and Grieve) wre mmbers of Open Britain (George Soros) until the week before the last election, but why are the others so desperate to keep us chained? Who is greasing their palms?

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