More reasons for opposing our involvement in the European Arrest Warrant

Campaigners on this issue will be familiar with names like Andrew Symeou and Edmond Arapi, who have fallen foul of the European Arrest Warrant, suffering considerable distress as a result of being accused of  crimes they did not commit.

Our attention has been recently drawn to two further miscarriages of justice. Firstly, some people will remember the King family, whose son Ashya suffered from a brain tumour. They were arrested under an EAW because they took him to be be treated abroad with proton therapy rather than the radiotherapy on offer from the NHS .The young boy is now apparently “clear of cancer”.

Secondly,  Gary Owens, a former British rock star is about to launch a lawsuit of  $5.2m. against the Spanish government after being extradited to Spain, imprisoned for two and a half years and placed under criminal investigation, all for a crime he did not commit. He too was the victim of an EAW in 2008,  fifteen years after being freed without charge.

It is ABSURD that our government is not using Brexit as an opportunity to set ourselves free from this failed scheme.  Michel Barnier insisted that if we leave the EU, we will of necessity leave Europol and by extension, presumably the EAW as well. On this issue, we can but hope that he will not waver in any way and, in spite of the worst intentions of our government, mo more UK citizens will find themselves falling victim of this flawed arrangement when we leave the EU in a year’s time.

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  1. Simon BlanchardReply

    We in the UK or England at least have had more than 800 years of the right not to be arbitrarily arrested by the state without due process. Evidence had to presented to a judge and the defendant had the right to know what the charges were and know his accusers and finally judged by his peers in a court of law in a reasonable time frame. It was the State (Crown) who had to prove guilt and if that evidence didn’t stand up to scrutiny the defendant had to be released without charge with the assumption of innocence. This right did exist before Magna Carta, but for the first time it was written down on vellum in 1215. I fail to see why anyone this side of the Channel would wish to go back on this long established right, but apparently our government does. We no longer should give up this right to belong to this Club of Rome who have the presumption of guilt.

  2. maggsReply

    My Tory MP is hell bent on keeping us in the EAW no matter what. I have written to him giving him all the arguments, and all I get in reply parrot- fashion is that all the police officers etc insist that it is a vital tool for catching paedophiles and terrorists !!!!!!!!. He has forbidden me to write on this topic again . Plus he added insult and intimidation to injury by saying that a phrase I used (which was ” corrupt foreign magistrates !”) was “frankly racist” and should be reconsidered.” !!!!!!

  3. Adam HileyReply

    We want full withdrawal from foreign entanglements not just the EU or ECHR but the UN USA and NATO preferably

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