Petition for a monument to celebrate the achievement of Brexit

Long-serving CIB member Derek Bennett has started a petition for a monument to celebrate the achievement of Brexit. As well as marking the UK’s hard-won independence, the monument would also pay tribute to those who dedicated many years of their lives (decades, in some cases) fighting for the UK’s independence from the EU.

The petition is on UK Parliament petitions website and can be signed here.

Commenting on his decision to petition for a Brexit monument, Derek said:

‘As probably the longest-serving campaign group against EU membership, the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB) has some of the most experienced anti-EU campaigners in the UK, including those who campaigned in the 1975 referendum on staying in or leaving the Common Market.

‘Others like me joined the campaign in support of British sovereignty and democracy much later, in my case as a Referendum Party candidate and then UKIP.

‘Many thousands from both political right and left have campaigned over the decades to restore sovereignty and constitutional self-government to our country. They are all unsung heroes who gave many hours of their lives campaigning against EU membership. They also donated to the various campaigns, including CIB and others – for some, more than they could really afford.

‘Now all their hard work and the many hours of their lives they gave has paid off and we are now free of the EU, these unsung heroes deserve a tribute to all their efforts. As such, along with the Brexit museum which is now being organised, the state should erect a permanent monument to celebrate Brexit and to remember those thousands of dedicated independence campaigners.’

If you would like to support this petition please click here to sign. Please also pass on to friends and family.