Peer urges ‘negative’ Government to talk about benefits of Brexit on anniversary of referendum

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The Lord Stoddart of Swindon (independent Labour)                                                                                         

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22nd June 2018

On the eve of the second anniversary of the EU referendum, the independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has criticised the Government for its: “negativity and failure to make clear the many benefits the UK will enjoy outside of the European Union.  The British people had a vision of a positive future outside of the EU, when they bravely voted for Brexit on 23rd June 2016.  It is a about time the Government did too!”

Lord Stoddart said: “It really is very disappointing that it has to be the American Ambassador who is reminding us of what a great country we are and of the optimistic future we can look forward to outside of the EU.  He is absolutely right to be dismayed at the defeatism we, as a nation, are exhibiting towards Brexit. It is high time that our rather negative Government, which seems to regard the negotiations with the EU as some sort of damage limitation exercise, started being a cheer leader for the benefits of leaving the EU, not least the £10.5 billion net and rising that we will no longer have to pay to be in this failing economic bloc.

“The passage of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill through both Houses of Parliament this week is hugely significant because it means that the European Communities Act 1972, which made the EU supreme over Westminster, will be repealed.  In other words, despite the endless anti-democratic wailing of the Remain brigade, there is no going back, we are leaving the EU and re-establishing the supremacy of our own Government and Parliament.  Not before time!”


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  1. StevenReply

    Potentially, the idea of being independent from the EU is a great one. However, the problem in this country is that we have the ‘choice’ of JUST TWO virulently anti-British parties who, let’s be brutally frank here, have spent the last seventy years wrecking this country and thanks to our archaic electoral system which these two undemocratic parties fanatically support we have no real chance of getting rid of them. The Tory Brexitters are mistaken if they think a ‘global Britain’ approach will improve this country. The vote was a vote AGAINST the execessive globalization this country has suffered under them NOT for more of it! This can be seen in the fact that it was down-at-heal staunch Labour areas like Barnsley that voted heavily for Brexit yet well-to-do and very ‘true blue’ Tory and middle class areas like Windsor voted remain.

    As for the remarks of the US Ambassador, I would be a bit more suspicious of his real intentions. No doubt he was thinking of the killing the USA can make when the Tory Brexiteers unleash their ‘globalisation on steroids’ agenda should we ever succeed in leaving the EU in full. It’s high time our politicians grew-up and realised that when push comes to shove the USA will shove Britain aside (like it did in 1939/1940) and their only real ‘special relationships’ are with themselves and the state of Israel.

  2. StevenReply

    The only kind of Brexit that makes any sense is a nationalist, ‘Red, White and Blue’ and BRITAIN FIRST Brexit. Sadly, we are not going to get this from ‘BRITAIN LAST’ parties like the Tories and Labour.

  3. Adam HileyReply

    Lord Stoddart’s talents are wasted in the modern globalist pro EU Immigration and business Labour Party although Corbyn is no Blairite His party is not much different from the Tory Party or the Limp Dicks We need a real new workers party to replace the failed
    Lib-Lab-Con regime which is two cheeks of the same rear end that is the populist party

    • StevenReply

      Yes, from what I have seen of their policies, the Populist Party have some good policies. I particularly like their stance of being against excessive globalism in respect of economic policy – something Thatcherite Tory UKIP doesn’t support. If that party thought similarly I think UKIP would still be a viable party today. IF Brexit ever happens in a real form, we need to rebalance our economy away from a ridiculous reliance upon financial services etc and towards rebuilding a serious national economy based-upon high-tech manufacturing.

  4. StevenReply

    Although I don’t like the man and I have many reservations about his true motives in politics and his personal character, I applaud Boris Johnson’s recent alleged remarks to Belgium’s Ambassador to the EU when he said,” %%%k business”. Yes, Boris, we should indeed say that to businessman and women in Britain when they continually moan and whinge about REAL Brexit and want it softened down to utter meaningless, DON’T get on with THEIR job of preparing their businesses and employees for when Brexit eventually happens, expect nay DEMAND government continually bow to them and their so-called ‘needs’ for mass immigration etc. Too often Tory politicians in particular give in to the demands of business and allow them to put their interests AHEAD of the nation. The ONLY reason Britain or any other country has businesses is to provide jobs and prosperity to as wide a section of society as possible NOT as an end in itself and it is time British business was reminded of this.

  5. StevenReply

    The sheer arrogance and sense of entilement that far too many British businessmen and women too often display whether it is in regard to Brexit or continual immigration is utterly SICKENING and frankly it should be called out for the selfishness and callous disregard for ordinary people it very often represents.

  6. ThomasReply

    Brexit certainly wasn’t a rejection of globalism. Every Brexiteer I’ve met recently supports free trade. The constituency I live in is fervently Conservative and pro-Brexit and I can think of many other constituencies like that. That is the reason for the extraordinary swing of working-class voters to the Tories recently; Conservatives like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg promote the idea of a Brexit that enriches this country through free trade and they show, like Thatcher, that is is possible to be thoroughly patriotic and to be globalist. They want the best for Britain. The reason why Labour has had to tone down its protectionist policies in recent year is because the people know free trade works and only vote for parties that support it. The EU is an extremely protectionist organization, and I can’t wait until we are free of it.

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