Peer slates Electoral Commission for ‘caving in’ to pressure from Remain lobby


The Lord Stoddart of Swindon (independent Labour)    

Peer slates Electoral Commission for ‘caving in’ to Remainer pressure on Vote Leave funding investigation

The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has criticised the Electoral Commission for what he believes is their ‘cravenly caving in’ to pressure from Remainer MPs and activists over the re-investigation of Vote Leave’s funding of ‘BeLeave’ during the referendum campaign.

Lord Stoddart said: “It is my understanding that the Electoral Commission, not only approved the donation to BeLeave, at the time, but it has already subsequently looked into this issue and found nothing wrong.  I find it very disappointing that they appear to have cravenly caved-in to pressure from the Remain lobby and decided to investigate again. The Electoral Commission is supposed to be an independent body and should not be seen to be influenced by political pressure.

“It is very dangerous for our democracy for the Commission to give the impression that it takes action based on who shouts loudest in the political arena.”



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  1. Adam HileyReply

    the Remoaners are the biggest losers and crybabies since the England cricket & football teams the less We hear from slapped fish Anna Soubry or Bliar the better

  2. Adam HileyReply

    what about the Remoan campaign who were and still are taking donations from Foreigners like the hateful George Soros or Goldman Sachs

  3. robin LambertReply

    Why Dont Remain MPs like Anna Soubry Call byelections Put up or Shutup. As I shall be Standing in Local election in Lambeth for 7th Time on may 3 ,on what is one of 159 Remain constituencies .
    481 Constituencies Voted ”Leave;; 1.3Million majority The Biggest Vote since 1950 33.4million Voters.

    ”Open Britain” Sponsored by Globalist billionaire George Soros

  4. J. HarringtonReply

    From my limited experience of dealing with the electoral commission they seemed to be an example of a camel trying to impersonate a horse. NONE of the commissioners or the ‘senior’ management could be elide upon to deliver a fair and rounded report on anything. his is NOT entirely their fault in that some of the rules and guidance they have to comply with is not well thought through. However overall it would be better to have a smaller but better organised and talented group of people brought up in the ‘real world’ and with a simpler set of rules and penalties to follow.

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