Peer says UK is no longer a democracy of the people

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3rd November 2016

High Court Judgement a ‘body blow to Brexit’ says Peer

“The UK is no longer a democracy of the people”

The Independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon, has described the ruling by three High Court judges that the decision to trigger Article 50 must be voted on by Parliament as “a body blow to Brexit which confirms that the United Kingdom is no longer a democracy of the people because their decisions can be overruled by an arrogant, self-serving elite.”

Lord Stoddart, added:  “If the decision of the British people had been to remain in the EU, I am certain there would have been squeals of horror and outrage from this same arrogant elite, if the leavers had gone to the courts to set aside a clear decision of the electorate.  The legislation that prepared the way for the referendum passed both Houses and on 23rd June the British people gave the Government unambiguous instructions to withdraw our country from the European Union. This could now be ignored. Our democracy is in serious trouble.”