Peer says: Let’s back Boris’s “positive vision” not Juncker’s “nightmare”


The Lord Stoddart of Swindon

(independent Labour)

News Release


18th September 2017


Let’s back Boris’s “positive vision” of UK’s future not Juncker’s “nightmare,” says independent Labour Peer

The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has welcomed Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson’s controversial intervention in the ongoing debate about the Brexit negotiations.  Lord Stoddart said: “I congratulate the Foreign Secretary for having the courage to write about a positive vision of the future of our great country, in the face of so much pessimism from gutless politicians who seem to have no faith in our country or its prospects.

“Mr Johnson has laid out the golden future that awaits us outside of the European Union and the public sector ought to welcome the £9 billion net saving we will make on leaving, as this sum gives the Government the funding not only for decent public-sector wage increases but also for investing in the NHS. His vision is particularly timely given that the European Union, in defiance of public opinion, has unashamedly set itself on the road to a federal super-state, as has been made all too clear by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, in his recent state of the Union address.

“We must strongly support the Foreign Secretary’s vision of the future, not the nightmare envisaged by Mr Juncker.”


NB: Boris Johnson’s full article can be read at:


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  2. veraReply

    I couldn’t agree more. Mrs May should NOT offer the EU any amount whatsoever. Trying to suck up to them they will view as weakness, which it is. I can guarantee that whatever she offers, Barnier will sneer and demand more. They do not want to negotiate, they want to delay Brexit indefinitely. You cannot treat these EU functionaries as normal, they are not normal and the sooner Mrs May realises this, the better. Their EUSSR project is their only priority, over and above the EU economy. The sooner we leave the better – no extended transition period, the transition period is now until 29 March 2019, JUST GET ON WITH IT1!

  3. Gordon WebsterReply

    Absolutely. Though I believe Boris has suddenly sprung into life, thanks to the sudden rise in popularity of Jacob Rees-Mogg, it is no bad thing that he has, and what he says is right.

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