You can download our current pamphlets as pdfs here:

Brexit Reset: Written primarily with MPs in mind, this 2018 pamphlet explains why the Government’s current Brexit strategy is so flawed and offers suggestions for making a seamless exit from the EU which will be more than “BRINO” (BRexit In Name Only)

House Divided Can Parliament serve two masters? This booklet, with a fioreword  by Lord Stoddart, provides the answer.  Available  in hard copy for £2.50  (discounts available for bulk orders) although a free copy will be provided when other pamphlets are paid for.

3_million-thumbnail-200Busting the Lie A refutation of the “Three million jobs depend on our EU membership” myth. This revised version brings the debate up to date. Available  in hard copy for £2.50 with discounts for bulk orders.

Generations Betrayed (Cover must be downloaded separately) Chris McGovern’s damning indictment of history teaching in our schools, including its possible effects on the forthcoming referendum. Available  in hard copy for £2.50 with discounts for bulk orders.

The Betrayal of Britain’s fishing John Ashworth’s superb booklet narrating the scandalous betrayal of the UK fishing industry is adamning indictment of our government. Available  in hard copy for £2.50 wih discounts for bulk orders.

Our second fisheries leaflet, Seizing the Moment is also available to download. (Once again, the cover must be downloaded separately) A follow-up to The Betrayal of Britain’s Fishing, it offers an outline for a new post-Brexit fishing policy.

Short version of Flexcit Flexcit  – or The Market Solution, as it is called, condensed into a mere 48 pages. Hard copies are available at a cost of £5, with discounts available for bulk orders. (see below for the full version)

For enquiries about ordering hard copies, please e-mail us, ring us on 0845 519 7254 or write to us at:-

Campaign for an Independent Britain
78 Carlton Road, Worksop
Nottinghamshire S80 1PH

All payments should be sent to this address. Cheques should be made payable to “Campaign for an Independent Britain”.

Pdfs of leaflets produced by other organisations can be dowloaded here:-

Flexcit by Dr Richard North The full 400+ page document setting out a detailed exit strategy which will enable us to leave the EU seamlessly. Hard copies are not available.

Europe Doesnt Work This booklet, written By Professor Tim Congdon, is published by The Freedom Association. It debunks the “three million jobs at risk” lie. Please contact The Freedom Association for hard copies

The Scaremongers Another rebuttal of the “three million jobs” myth, written by Ewen Stewart, Stuart Coster and Brian Monteith. Hard copies available from Global Britain.

Global Vision – Britain and Europe Written by Ruth Lea and Brian Binley MP. This booklet outlines a new relationship between the UK and the EU based on trade.

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