Not all expats want to stay in

Cameron and his friends are still playing the fear game for all they are worth. The Expat comunity has been particularly heavily targeted. Last year, we highlighted an appalling piece of misinformation originating from the former Attorney General, Dominc Grieve, stating that withdrawal would result in our expats becoming stateless – illegal immigrants in other words.

An article in today’s Daily Telegraph suggests that  the fear tactics  are having an effect. Apparently, “experts {are} predicting an exodus from the continent if voters opt to leave the bloc. Access to healthcare, the value of pensions and the right to study overseas are among the fears British citizens abroad harbour.”

As we have pointed out, their fears are without foundation. Rejoining EFTA, a popular move with voters in this country, would ensure that life carries on as normal for the expats.

It clearly isn’t proving easy to reach expats with these words of reassurance and we strongly recommend all our readers to spread the word to any of our fellow-countrymen and women in their acquaintance who live abroad.

However, it isn’t true that all of them will be voting to stay, purely out of fear. We were recently forwarded an article which Roger Helmer MEP had spotted.   It quotes Wendy Simpson, a former executive with the CBI who  lives abroad and supports leaving. She may have retired but has not forgotten her days as a businesswoman and her frustrations that, in her words “so much that comes out of Brussels is unnecessary and hampers business”.

The article quoted from other expats on both sides of the debate. It is clear that the Spanish government is not playing fair. One  expat was asked “why don’t you go home?” and the article claims that Madrid is saying a new deal would have to be negotiated for expats to access healthcare and other services.  Well, this is true to a point, but once again, rejoining EFTA knocks those concerns on the head – it deals with those negotiations at a stroke.  Just as there won’t be millions of Poles fleeing the UK on June 24th, so there will be no mass return of expats to the UK. End of story.

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