More holiday homework – further suggested reading

This piece may come from the European Commission, but it is very clearly written and shows how much more on the ball the EU has been regarding Brexit than our government. It is well worth reading.

As the Government Brexit White Paper (otherwise known as the Chequers plan) will shortly be facing scrutiny in Brussels, readers may like to read it. Here is the full text.


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  1. Adam HileyReply

    it’s not difficult for anyone to know what Day it is apart from the British Government which is full of useless boneheaded fools who care little for Britain & Her people

    • StevenReply

      The British government has been composed for many decades now of virulently anti-British SCUM (undemocratic scum as well) hence the present mess. Teresa Mayhem/Maybe, for instance, DELIBERATELY VOTED AGAINST an amendement put forward by the Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, to give us a CHANCE of voting for a PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION electoral system when we had the bill presented in the House of Commons for that FARCICAL Alternative Vote referendum in 2011 which gave us a useless ‘choice’ of either retaining the profoundly undemocratic rubbish of First Past The Post (which ‘wastes’ about 60% PLUS of ALL VOTES put into it ie they DON’T ELECT ANY CANDIDATE) or another very bad system called the Alternative Vote. That ‘choice’ was akin to a doctor informing a patient that they were either going to die of terminal cancer or were extremely likely to suffer a fatal heart attack!

      • StevenReply

        No wonder then that the the globalist liberal-left CONServative Party and their useless MPs made damm sure the ghastly plebs and oiks of this land were NOT going to be given a REAL choice. They know that under any genuinely democratic electoral system they would have to change large parts of what passes for an ideology in that party to have significant numbers of MPs elected. Having First Past The Post ensures their lazy and very often dim-witted MPs can just coast along in safe seats for life without doing much ie Teresa Maybe/Mayhem in Maidenhead which is so safe the Tory candidate could be a monkey from London Zoo wearing a blue rosette and it would get elected by a landslide.

  2. StevenReply

    I see that the old has been and utterly gormless (why else would have so totally childishly derided Paddy Ashdown’s call for PR in the 1992 general election as, “Paddy’s Roundabout” when he should have treated it as the serious issue that it is?) Sir John Major (why do people who sell-out their own country get knighthoods so easily?) has piped-up YET AGAIN offering his so-called ‘advice’ and said that holding a second referendum would be morally justified! I would take his call far more seriously if HE hadn’t obstinately prevented the British people from having a referendum on the Maastrict Treaty.

    My advice to him is for him to kindly eff off and we will ask for his advice when WE think we need it. He needs to go back to Norma and keep taking those peas (as so famously depicted in those Spitting Image programmes). The silly, little grey man should just do the decent thing for once and retire gracefuly!

    • Adam HileyReply

      exactly John Major was a disaster basically a Male version of Theresa May who is no Thatcher this cretins incompetent Premiership lumbered us with Tony Biiar for 10 years and his mass immigration & US Toadying the less the mediocrity Major speaks the better

  3. ArianeReply

    Thanks to the amazing Edward Spalton for including the EU’s COM (2018) where, for anyone who reads through its 17 pages, it is quite clear that the EU is telling its remaining Member States to prepare for the UK to leave and become a third country.

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