Ministers’ Metrication Conspiracy

The British Weights & Measures Association (BWMA) has prepared a 12-page booklet of the lies told by Ministers and others in order to force metrication on us as if it were our own choice. It was, of course, a condition of joining the EU that we should go metric. Most of the booklet consists of copies of correspondence between Ministers and high-ranking officials.
Here, for example, is a shockoing quote from Francis Pym to sir John Eden:-
“Previously, we have committed ourselves to metricate on a permissive and voluntary basis. Now we are going to impose it.”
Copies of this booklet are available as a pdf file or as a hard copy from Michael Plumbe at BWMA,
98 Eastney Road,
Surrey CR0 3TE
A remittance of at least £1 would be appreciated


Photo by eamoncurry123

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