Michael Gove’s cabinet fishing battle

After the recent Brexit cabinet meetings it has been disclosed that Secretary of State Michael Gove had to “battle” to ensure cabinet agreement that Britain would control setting of fishing limits when Britain’s membership terminates on the 29th March 2019.

 Fishing for Leave welcomed Mr Gove’s attempts but said it is “shameful” that there had to be a “battle” with cabinet Remainers over fishing, given it is widely perceived as not only symbolic, but also an issue where the Conservatives have to exorcise the actions of Ted heath.

 Fishing for Leave’s Alan Hastings said; “We give a cautionary “Well Done” to Michael Gove! This now needs to be seen through if he and other parliamentarians want to be heroes instead of hounded!”

“We will irrefutably be independent state as of March 2019 with an automatic return of sovereignty over OUR waters & resources as we leave the CFP. Therefore, there is no need and fishing shouldn’t be given away again to be part of any type of ‘transition’ or ‘3rd party’ deal that see’s us bound into the CFP in anyway shape nor form”.

“Some arrangement where Britain is allowed to meekly speak from the back of a room in Brussels could only be a sell-out not a victory”.

 “Avoiding such a situation by not having a “transition” where we are a vassal state, will see Britain in the same position as Norway, Iceland and Faroe and the EU will have to seek arrangements to be allowed to continue to fish our waters and resources on an equal barter basis”.

Fishing for Leave said they are concerned that there is now a concerted elitist establishment campaign to thwart Brexit to name only.

Alan Concluded “It’s about time Brexiteers “take back control” to make sure we do really crack on an prepare to leave the EU properly – fishing is a key symbolic battle with a huge prize to be won for coastal communities and constituencies – a ‘transition’ would snatch this which is in touching distance as a beacon of success for all concerned”.

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  1. david bartropReply

    We could all help to put the case for Fishing For Leave, and all other concerns by having a message on a poster in the back window of our cars, if most of us do that confidence wojld return to Brexit and the media and remoaners would be put on the back foot.

  2. Ken WorthyReply

    The EU’ negotiating guidelines say that the UK must accept all of EU law during the transition period. There is a reference to graciously allowing us to be in the room when fishing quotas are decided, so they clearly intend the CFP to be part of the agreement (and almost certainly the CAP also). To get to the position Michael Gove wants will require Theresa May to stand up to the EU, for the first time. If the EU refuses to talk trade unless we sign up to their version of the transition period, it’s hard to see her standing firm.
    Let’s hope that Gove, backed by Rees-Mogg and the ERG, can find a way to prevent her from backing down yet again..

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