May’s deal: “Out of Europe but still run by Europe.”

Former CIB President George West gives his personal reaction to the prime minister’s deal and the political fallout, and concludes that the battle to leave the EU has only just begun.

Theresa May says that if Parliament does not accept her Brexit deal we will be back to square one. If only that were possible – but starting with a Leave-voting prime minister.

To get her way May resorts to bullying tactics and deceit, just as Edward Heath did in 1972. Con O’Neill, the civil servant who led the UK’s negotiating team for Heath, summed up Britain’s negotiating position as “swallow the lot, and swallow it now.” May is now expecting parliament to do the same.

She tells us the deal is the best she can get. That alone should put a stop to her political career and further damage to the UK.

Dominic Rabb boldly told us that the Withdrawal Agreement is worse than staying in the EU. That should enhance his future political career.

Lucy Harris, founder of Leavers for Britain, appeared on the BBC’s Politics Live programme on Friday. When asked to choose between the draft Withdrawal Agreement and staying in, she wisely chose not to be drawn in to such a false choice.

If only Nigel Farage and UKIP leader Gerard Batten had kept silent, rather than trading blows on internal UKIP business in public.

What are loyal UKIP supporters to think now of Farage, who opened his mouth at this critical stage and attracted more post-Henry Bolton bad publicity? And what are UKIP supporters to think of Batten’s ill-advised choice of Tommy Robinson as a special advisor and speaker for his Brexit rally, in a bid to attract Tommy’s followers?

The campaign to actually leave the EU is nowhere near an end. It is a very long time until 20XX – the year that the transition period can potentially be extended to. It is even longer until ‘never’.

Where is the new effective leader of the Brexit movement to extricate us from this mess? Quite possibly Lucy Harris, who is of an age to appeal and talk sense to the younger people who have grown up exposed to propaganda myths such as that the EU has “kept the peace in Europe”.

Mrs May seems to be intent on earning her place in history alongside those other notorious Conservative Europhile traitors, Edward Heath and ‘green peas’ John Major.

For years we have been fed dishonest political slogans to trick us into accepting the forward march of EU integration. We were told we must not “miss the train”, and that we could be “in Europe but not run by Europe.” A more honest slogan for Mrs May’s deal would be, “Out of Europe but still run by Europe.”

After 46 years of campaigning to leave the EU it seems to me that the battle has only just begun.

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    the only way to truly escape the EU is for pressure to remove May and remove Her intelligently this time then if Boris or Jacob Rees Mogg take over We will then simply leave the EU & ECHR immediately & unilaterally and stick May’s deal in the Bin

    • Adam HileyReply

      I meant to pressure Conservative MP’s to remove May she must go now she should of gone when she bungled the Election last Year

  2. Martin GainsboroughReply

    Only recently having had my eyes opened to what is going on with the EEC/EC/EU it is quite astounding. At 51, obviously politically nieve, but it is such an incredible story, the shocking thing is that it is a true story! It is even too late for an appropriate “Yes, EU Commisioner” type TV Series. Worse still having naturally been brought up surrounded by Grandparents from both World Wars, one just assumes normal Liberty has been preserved. To find out otherwise has been a rude awakening. However tha cat’s out of the bag now, hopefully never to be ‘mugged off’ again, to quote the City of my birth. I hope sincerely our MP’s have backbone and walk us out the door we walked in 45-46 years ago. Otherwise as the above author says we will have to work on.

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