Looking forward to a free and sovereign 2019

We would like to wish all of our members, supporters and readers a very Merry Christmas, and a free and sovereign 2019.

Of course, we know that the latter is far from guaranteed. All we want for Christmas is for the referendum result – and hence our democracy – to be respected. That shouldn’t be too much to ask. Indeed, we shouldn’t have to ask for it at all – it should be a given. But clearly more than four decades of the EU steadily eroding our sovereignty have taken their toll on our democratic values.

CIB has been fighting to extract the UK from the European project since 1969. And we know that, even assuming a satisfactory Brexit in March 2019, the threat the EU poses to our sovereignty will remain. Well-funded Remoaner elites will try to drag us back into the EU for years to come. Our Europhile establishment will attempt to sign us up piecemeal to so-called ‘co-operation’ and ‘partnerships’, such as in defence or law and order. And CIB will continue to fight for UK independence as we enter our fiftieth year.

The CIB website will now take a festive break until 7 January 2019. Look out for some exciting developments in the new year, including a brand new website with a fresh, modern look, which we hope will help our message reach a new generation of proud defenders of national sovereignty.

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  1. Jason BReply

    We must take heed to the comment “Sovereignty is far from guaranteed.”!. Only today at the bus stop I could hear some conversation about Brexit – confusion appeared to reign, people are bewildered, as they look upon the government being in disarray having lost their way. When I mentioned to a lady about believing in Britain and surely the government must have contingency plans if we do not accept this deal, she informed me that she worked for the foreign office and they were not ready and she was concerned about what was going to develop. as time was short. I mentioned the conservatives made a mistake in electing a remainder in Mrs May as a leader and she, in turn, filled up over half the cabinet with remainders. I said we need a true leaver as a leader. She agreed, adding that Mrs May’s heart was not really in it. I said not one of them acknowledge God as a way forward in what they do. She replied, with concern, you are right. We never know with whom we may meet, but I believe the brief conversation gave an input. Who knows what this may do on her return to work!
    Apparently, two ministers of religion, upon hearing at lunchtime on December 11th that Mrs May had just cancelled the following day’s vote, took specially prepared posters and tracts outside parliament to the delight of pro-Brexit passers-by as a fresh angle that generated great interest on the whole of the debate. ‘BREXIT’ Independent nationhood is God’s method. “The most High divided to the nations their inheritance” (Deut 32v8) That is a vital point, our sovereignty and inheritance have been squandered by traitors within.

  2. Adam HileyReply

    2019 hopefully will be the Year We will hear less whining from Remoaners saying the British People were too stupid to have a say 2019 will hopefully we will see less of Blair Alister Campbell Anna Soubry whining Hypocritical Business leaders like the useless CBI who oppose Brexit because they exploit Foreign Workers 2019 will hopefully see our incompetent current Prime Minister replaced by a true Brexiteer who believes in Britain and the end of Jeremy Corbyn will be nice merry Christmas eutruth.org.uk

    • Jason BReply

      Further study, indicates we have only five members left out of the current 23 member cabinet who voted to leave in the 2016 referendum. Stephen Barclay, Chris Grayling, Liam Fox, Michael Gove, and Penny Mordaunt. Less than 1/4. The rest voted to remain apart from the unknown vote of Baroness Evans, leader of the house of lords.

      Out of a further six that also attend cabinet only two, Adrea Smith and Geoffrey Cox voted to leave.

      History will have to conclude the Tories through electing remain May have shot themselves in the foot with a wasted 2 years. Just as well said from the beginning to the EU, we are taking the WTO route, how do you want to trade with us? Who is going to pull us out of this chaos?

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