A letter from our Chairman:- “How BBC was “nobbled” before our vote to join EEC.”

This letter appeared in the Derby Evening Telegraph on 2nd March 2017

Sir, The President and the Media

Saros Kavina is quite right that a free press and media are important to a free society. But President Trump has shown some discernment in excluding the BBC from his press conference.

What has emerged from the American election is that the media are composed of a collection of interest groups with their own agendas which they promote quite ruthlessly, bending the facts where it suits them.

As a long-serving independence campaigner, I would rate the BBC as amongst the worst offenders. Its part in manipulating public opinion in the Seventies in favour of entering the EEC was fully admitted in a Radio 4 programme “Letter to the Times” of 3rd February 2000. Contributors included Sir Edward Heath, Roy Hattersley and the Conservative marketing man, Geoffrey Tucker, who organised the campaign which brought the influential on side. Apart from the Daily Worker, every single national newspaper supported the European project.

This is what Tucker said.

We decided to pinpoint the “Today” programme on radio and followed right through the news programme during the day…. the television programmes “News at Ten”, “24 Hours” and “Panorama” and from radio “World at One “ and “Woman’s Hour”. Nobbling is the name of the game. Throughout the period of the campaign, there should be direct day by day communication between the key communicators and our personnel – e.g. Norman Reddaway at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Marshall Stewart of the “Today” programme. And in 1970 the “Today” programme was presented by Jack de Manio, who was terribly anti European. We protested privately about this. Ian Trethowan listened and de Manio was replaced.Ian Trethowan, a personal friend of Heath’s, was the BBC’s Director of Radio.”

So the BBC was under daily direction by the Foreign Office as to what it should say to British people, in the interests of a foreign organisation, the European Economic Community. Norman Reddaway went on to a knighthood and to be ambassador to Poland. BBC policy has remained unchanged ever since.

So, to Saros Kavina’s advocacy of the free media, I agree that it would be a good idea.

Yours faithfully

Edward Spalton

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    it is a shame these despicable Traitors are no longer alive to stand trial on Treason charges along with Major Blair Mandleson etc

  2. Derek ReynoldsReply

    Even if they were (and some still are) you would get nowhere as the legal system is corrupted by protectionism from ‘on high’. I’ve tried it. It’s shut down at grass roots level for fear of it getting a foothold.

  3. TonyReply

    Saturday 4th March

    To make my day I’ve just watched “Newswatch” on the Beeb. The arrogance and superciliousness of the controller of BBC News beggars belief. Strangely, most foreigners seem to think the BBC is wonderful. I think that says more about their own broadcasters than anything else. The Metropolitan elite still cannot accept Brexit. Off they go down to the “offy” for more Campari and sodas with which to drown their sorrows.

  4. Ian BannisterReply

    I’ve commented on it long and hard on social media.
    The BBC today has become a propaganda machine for whoever controls their main views. It’s particularly “Europhile” and hits out at Brexit at every possible opportunity!

  5. Christopher DarwinReply

    Whenever I am asked why we have never had television in our house in our 40 years of marriage, I have for the last ten years or so responded that I believe the BBC is run by the Department of Lies and Propaganda.
    I certainly say this to the few BBC employees that I have met.
    I thought I was joking – it seems I was correct.

  6. Phil JonesReply

    All the western media are the same at this point. The BBC and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) have always been leftist mouthpieces — at least for the 35 to 40 years or so that I have paid close attention to them. If you go back towards 50 and more years both the BBC and CBC were known for objective presentation of the news. Lorne Greene of Ponderosa fame was a CBC news presenter at the start of his career. Sometimes one of his broadcasts comes on in historical programs and you can hear objective reporting. And the BBC was known for objective reporting in its early days. Nowadays someone centre of the road and able to see opposing views on issues such as capital punishment, abortion, the EU, world trade, wouldn’t have the slightest chance of getting at job at the BBC and CBC.

    As far as the US, in Canada we used to listen to Walter Cronkite present the CBS Evening News. He never ever expressed any view on a news story, even when he reported on John Kennedy’s assassination, and neither did any reporter presenting a news segment. As a teenager, I remember him taking off his glasses and saying into the camera that ‘President Kennedy passed away at 1pm central time’. You could see that he was hugely distressed but he just kept his thoughts to himself. A real professional. That age all ended when CNN (Cable News Network) came along in the 1980s. Listen to CNN now and it’s just a leftist mouthpiece, with all of its presenters endlessly spouting their leftist views. Everything the Republicans do is wrong, and everything the Democrats do is right.

    My own view is that the western news media just mirror the growing permissiveness and lack of discipline in the western world. You see it in everything, from the pampering of criminals to the anything-goes conduct & lack of 3Rs in classrooms to acceptance of every type of sexual relationship. A one-way slide, virtually impossible to turn around. The only thing that brought things back towards the centre in the past was a world war, and nobody wants another of those.

  7. Gordon WebsterReply

    I have never considered the Press or Main Stream Media to be Free. It has been suggested that Political Reporters are expected to toe the Government line, and print what they are told to print. This has been especially obvious over the Press and Media’s report of Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Russia. Their reports come straight from Foreign Office Press Packs, and are in no way accurate, far less objective. As for the BBC, it is well known that they have received millions from Brussels, to “Promote The European Project.” This does not bother me, since I never watch BBC News or Political Programmes. What does bother me, is that I am forced ‘By Law’ to pay what I consider to be an Anti British Political Levy.

    • John Petley
      John PetleyReply

      I read recently that David Cameron was absolutely livid when Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail, came out in support for Brexit a year or so ago. Here is at least one instance of editorial independence, but sadly, there is all too little of this. Reporting about Russia is a classic example. Putin’s Russia is miles away from the old USSR. It is not trying to export a poisonous ideology around the world. The fact that relationships are so bad with Moscow is far more the EU’s fault than Putin’s. Sadly, distancing ourselves from the official EU line on Russia isn’t going to happen any time soon, but we are reaching the point when trust in the press is nearly as bad as trust in politicians. Personally, I think the phrase “post-truth era” is misleading. “Post-trust era” is a far more accurate description of life today in the West.

      • Adam HileyReply

        someone upsetting David Cameron made My Day that has I cannot stand Cameron Blair or Major eutruth.info britishconstitutiongroup.com

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