LESC: We must avoid committing ourselves to paying large sums of money to the EU

The Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign (LESC) has warned that the UK must avoid committing itself to paying large sums of money to the EU, which would have to be met even if the main negotiations on a Withdrawal Agreement broke down.

In its September 2018 Bulletin, published here on our website, LESC reviews the choices facing the UK as the Brexit negotiations move towards their conclusion.

LESC recommends that, given the ongoing uncertainty – both as to what the EU will agree to and what Parliament would accept – we must prepare for a ‘no deal’ scenario. In the meantime, however, we need to make sure that we are not pushed into obligations, especially over very large sums of money, which we would have to meet even if the main negotiations broke down.

Labour needs to be very careful not to be complicit in generating an outcome where the UK has a legal obligation to pay £39bn but we still finish up with ‘no deal’. It also needs to avoid alienating key sections of the Party’s traditional support by taking an intransigently Remain stance during the difficult negotiating period which lies ahead.


LESC was formed after the 1975 referendum, to continue to make the Labour case that the UK should withdraw from the Common Market. It is a long-term affiliated member of the Campaign for an Independent Britain. For more information, please visit the LESC website.

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    Labour Euro Safeguards mean well but I could never vote for them while Comrade Corbyn and the Momentum goons are in charge and I have never vote Tory I would if they remove May replaced Her with Davis JRM or Boris if it meant keeping Corbyn McDonnell and Abbott out eutruth.info

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