Leavers of Britain, arise! Your time has come

Former CIB chairman Petrina Holdsworth reports on a new social initiative designed to bring together communities of Brexiteers around the country.

Many of you who live in London will be aware of an organisation called Leavers of London, which was set up after the EU Referendum to enable Leave voters in our capital to meet and socialise with like-minded people, without fear of judgement or recrimination.

Well, the project has now gone nationwide – with the launch of Leavers of Britain. I was lucky enough to be invited to its launch at a pub in Westminster on 1 November.

We all know that the fallout from the referendum has resulted in harsh words, broken friendships and in some cases broken families – a sort of civil war without the organised battles. But those Leave supporters who live in our capital city seem to have suffered the greatest levels of insults and isolation.

It was this continuing unpleasantness that led Lucy Harris – a quietly spoken, charming young Londoner – to set up Leavers of London, a community for Leave supporters in the capital. Lucy was understandably appalled by the treatment being meted out by some London Remainers to those brave souls who voted Leave. Leavers of London offered a sort of modern-day coffee house system where Brexiteers could meet and talk to other people who share their views, without the fear of getting involved in yet another argument with the “bad losers”.

Lucy is now extending the idea to the whole of Britain. The Leavers of Britain website will enable Leavers around the country to create our own communities and events.

Last Thursday evening I climbed the stairs of the Westminster pub with some trepidation. But I was quickly delighted to find myself stepping into a large room full of chat and bonhomie. It filled up very quickly, mainly with people who were straight from work. The average age was hovering around late-30s to mid-40s, although I have to confess that I am not too hot on guessing ages. I was certainly one of the older people there. So much for Leave voters being a bunch of old codgers!

After a few drinks we were treated to short, well-executed speeches from Brendan Chilton (Labour Leave) and Suzanne Evans (ex-UKIP). Lucy Harris then showed us her latest video (see below), and to great applause launched the new campaign to spread the community around the country.

It was particularly pleasing to see a number of other eminent Brexiteers in the crowd, including Bill Cash MP, Steve Baker MP (with whom I had a lively chat, well I thought it was lively), and Matthew Elliot (Vote Leave Campaign CEO), plus CIB supporter and author Hugo Van Randwyck, with whom I commiserated concerning the never-ending Brexit negotiations.

Congratulations to Lucy and her friends for having the courage and energy to form this fantastic networking group for all of those informed and intelligent people who put their country and their democracy first by voting Leave. No doubt many CIB supporters will be keen to sign up and get involved. I am certain it will be a great success!

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    don’t be ashamed of voting leave don’t let smug smart ass Remoaners belittle You I proudly voted leave and I believe in the UK unlike Bliar Clegg etc eutruth.info

  2. Jacob JonkerReply

    Do remainders know the full story about the web of lies and deceit employed by all involved at the highest levels of government, bureaucracy and the EU federalisation clique in EU member countries since the Sixties? Why is it that Leave activists are taking seriously the Machiavellian machinations of the EU apparatus, May’s kitchen sink cabinet and the MSM veils being thrown up every day? The more Leavers get drawn into secondary and endless derivatory arguments they get lost in the bog made up especially to stymie dissent and confuse as many people who are not quite decided as possible. The whole thing is a travesty of everything British society stands for and has stood for since before Common Law was acknowledged. Even the Norman conquest did not go as far as what the EU is trying to pull off. There must be a clear, unambiguous and rock-solid basis for the defence of Britain. The hardest part will be to accommodate NI in its wish for an ‘open’ border. That should, however, not deter Leavers to build a solid base from which to attack this wholesale hijack of the UK. Almost the entire political establishment has been captured by the EU imperial hegemonists. To let them get away with it would be unforgivable. It would make it that much harder for the peoples on the continent to throw off this yoke, apart from the fact that democracy in the UK would be dead and buried for a long long time.

    There are bound to be some legal minds of great intelligence and integrity to prepare a sound legal basis from which to throw back across the Dover Strait this nonsense on the most ridiculous and outrageous stilts, this monstrous abomination.

  3. Petrina HoldsworthReply

    To answer Jacob Jonker`s last point concerning the need for “legal minds of great intelligence and integrity” I would point you in the direction of Lawyers for Britain headed by Martin Howe QC.

    Martin Howe has for been at the forefront of the legal analysis of the many documents and laws which have spewed of the EU over the years. His organisation has been of enormous help to all of those of need of impartial legal advice on the Draft Treaty and Backstop protocol.See http://www.laywersforbritain.org

    Leavers for Britain is fulfilling a very useful function of helping to bring together like minded Leavers and solidify the base of support for withdrawing from the EU`s grasp.

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