We still have quantities of our leaflets available and even though the referendum is now over, we are still happy to provide you with copies if you can find good homes for them!

Alternatively, you are welcome to download them as pdfs.

The Choices leaflet Compares Leave and Remain and shows that Remain is the most risky option.

Real say leaflet This single page A5-size leaflet reduces the arguments forleaving the EU down to a  few simple paragraphs.

The Cameron Turnover leaflet makes the point that the Prime Minister didn’t really achieve anything in his renegotiations – even by his own criteria. Features the excellent cartoon of the Prime Minister as a used car salesman which featured in our Referendum Review.

5 Mistaken assumptions Our most popular leaflet in recent months! Very useful for dispelling popular myths about the referendum. Large print version available in pdf form only

TTIP leaflet A helpful leaflet to give to anyone concerend about the threat to the NHS from the proposed US-EU trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).  Large print version available in pdf form only.

CIB Briefing – The rival plans This short booklet provides the answer for anyone wanting to know what life after a Brexit vote will look like. Compares the “cameron model” with EEA/EFTA. 

European Union_the choices Compares life outside the EU with Cameron’s “deal”. A short leaflet with a very helpful chart showing the benefits of leaving.

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