The latest Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign bulletin has just been published

John Mills, a long-standing member of the Committee of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, is also the Secretary of the Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign, which produces a bulletin every two months on the Labour Party’s approach to Brexit.

The latest bulletin has just been published and can be downloaded here and previous bulletins are available from this page of our website.

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  1. Derek ReynoldsReply

    Sadly that latest campaign bulletin shows just how much Labour is in ignorance of the facts about leaving the EU as the Conservatives are, and if ever Labour get back to leading a government – just how equally short sighted they are. Mr. Mills did not understand Dr. Richard North’s explanation some months ago, and still has no understanding of it now.

    The country is rudderless, as for forty odd years our government has had little to do except follow orders. The ability to understand governance has been well and truly lost, or should I say – handed over to a foreign potentate.

    • Adam HileyReply

      getting rid of the 3 failed legacy parties is vital to our future prosperity don’t get Me started on the Windsor Family

  2. Adam HileyReply

    I like and respect John Mills but He must realise that Labour of Today is lost to the working class Man and Woman in the street despite the Man of the people act by Corbyn most of Labour is full of well educated people red tories basically

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