La Grande Soiree du Brexit

As we reported last month, Brexit Day was a truly international celebration, with democrats from all over Europe congratulating the UK on breaking free from the EU, gaining renewed energy in their own struggles for independence.

One such celebration took place in Paris, where the president of the Union Populaire Républicaine (UPR), François Asselineau, hosted Grande Soiree du Brexit – a magnificent celebration attended by Frexiteers from across the political spectrum. As well as the obligatory Union Jacks and countdown to 11pm (midnight Paris time), M. Asselineau read to the assembled guests a letter of thanks and support from CIB’s secretary Jim Reynolds.

CIB’s letter and the UPR’s reply on behalf of M. Asselineau are reproduced below. And to those who contend that we cannot be friends with our continental neighbours unless compelled by the EU, we ask: Have you ever seen Frenchmen wave the Union Jack and celebrate a British achievement so enthusiastically, than in celebration of our liberation from that same EU?

CIB’s letter to François Asselineau:

…[I]t is a great pleasure and honour to learn that the UPR is marking this occasion of our triumph with an evening of celebration and high resolve to which other French patriotic groups dedicated to the cause of freedom have been invited. We wish a great success for this occasion…

We hope that the Grande Soiree du Brexit further inspires that unique French spirit of liberty to bring closer the day when we may extend our congratulations to a truly free France, delivered from the bureaucratic tyranny of Brussels which was so detested by General De Gaulle.

Co-operation and alliance between free nations is desirable and totally different from subjection to the anti-democratic, supranational institutions of the European Union and other globalist conspiracies against the free nations of the world.

On behalf of our committee and members and of our affiliated organisations […] we send our most sincere good wishes to you and your cause.

Vive la France! Vive la France Libre!

UPR’s reply on behalf of François Asselineau:

François Asselineau was very honoured to receive your message of support for the great Brexit evening that we organized in Paris on January 31, 2020.

The UPR successfully accomplished the feat of bringing together, for a festive evening, different political figures, party leaders and intellectuals, from the left and from the right edges. All participants rejoiced for the British people and we were in union with you to celebrate this historic moment. Your message has been brought to the attention of the audience who welcomed this testimony of hope. We thank you a lot for your contribution.

A large part of our fellow citizens were sensitive to live such a moment, alas so rare, of meeting between political personalities of varied horizons, diverging on many subjects but sharing the same love of France and the same will to restore its independence, its democracy and its greatness.

As France sinks into disaster from year to year, many have seen in this celebration a wonderful ray of hope and a political event of great importance, moreover unprecedented in our time, announcing one of these privileged moments in our history when the French manage to temporarily put aside their quarrels to come together on the essential: the salvation of the fatherland.

With our thanks for your warm encouragement and with the hope of one day reaching Frexit in our turn, please receive our most cordial and friendly greetings.

Long live the free United Kingdom and long live free France!