Ivor Johns RIP

We are greatly saddened to announce the death of Ivor Johns, who passed away on 5 November. He was a long-serving member of CIB from its foundation in 1969. Ivor was active in the Derby, Nottingham and Midlands area, writing frequent, eloquent letters to the press; helping in the organisation of meetings; politely and persistently questioning politicians of all views; and canvasing at elections when bona fide pro-independence candidates were standing.

A few months ago, in discussions about the EU’s plans for European defence integration, he was able to produce notes of many years ago which were of considerable assistance to our colleagues in Veterans for Britain. They were surprised at the length of time this sinister project had been in preparation. He sent his collection of other papers to our Hon Treasurer for inclusion in the Brexit Museum.

It is about two years since he was well enough to attend a meeting in Derby. He tried to phone me towards the end of October, but was unable to speak or hear clearly. His last letter of 31 October demonstrates his great fortitude and continuing keen interest in the cause:

‘…Sorry I could not speak (or hear). I am afraid the mouth cancer has turned aggressive – especially on the tongue. I’m on palliative care: GP (very good), District Nurse (super), Macmillan Nurse from hospital (sometimes with a doctor).

‘Guess the rest and Oh, some very good neighbours – lucky.

‘Coronavirus: Roberta and I wonder if those experts Boris won’t listen to are right – concentrate on the vulnerable – others will probably cope. Would help enormously in reviving economy.

‘Yes, I fear a botched Brexit but, like you, hope otherwise. I can’t help feeling we should have rejoined EFTA (EEA) and therefore avoided or reduced the Irish problem – thus threat to UK. Can’t help thinking that Boris’s illness has altered our PM. Next leadership? Fractured parties – realignments? Hope you can read this…’

Ivor’s wife Roberta looked after him devotedly at home and we send our most sincere condolences and sympathy to her and the family. If you wish to add your condolences, please address them to Mrs. Roberta Johns, c/o John Harrison, Hon Treasurer, CIB, 78 Carlton Road, Worksop, Notts, S80 1PH.

Funeral arrangements are private.