Guess what happens when you attack democracy

If you are feeling very annoyed about recent antics by the remoaners, you are not alone. Our attention has been drawn to this excellent piece in Spiked on line by Brendan O’Neill.  Ultimately, as the author points out, these people are being anti-democratic. “We’ll stop calling you enemies of the people when you stop behaving like enemies of the people”, says the author.

The remoaners can talk all they like about democracy, but “the greatest threat to democracy and liberty today comes from those who would overturn the largest democratic vote in British history.”





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  1. Ian HolmesReply

    This is a very good article. Sadly, it’s not been taken up by the mainstream media, and like as not it won’t be. However, we can all do our best to get it out there through social media, but sadly many people prefer to look at performing cats than contemplate the long-term future of the country. If these anti democratic MPs get their way and either dilute Brexit so we’re out but still in in all but name and remain under the collective rule of the preening peacocks in Brussels, or even stop Brexit completely, it will be a very sad day for the UK indeed.
    Deselection of these rebellious MP’s would help but sadly as the pro-remain BBC is firmly committed to stopping Brexit, these people would get even more air time to present their ‘remoaner’ ideology with its flawed and unproven economic myths that only the powerful ‘democratic’ (yet strangely unelected) leadership of the eu can bring prosperity to the UK.
    As a person who lives in the north of the UK, I’ve seen all too well what prosperity the eu brings, and I’ve seen first hand the reality of what Cameron called ‘the brightest and the best from Europe’. They are nothing like that, and in the main are unskilled workers who can’t get a job in their homeland, so they’ve come to the UK and have simply driven down salaried wages (while legally receiving top-ups from the UK taxpayers) giving unscrupulous bosses such as the oik from ‘Sports Direct’ more millions to stuff in his pockets, while British workers are left on the sidelines, and our youth remains largely untrained and unskilled because its so much cheaper to buy in from abroad.

  2. Ernie BlaberReply

    UK Parliamentary Democracy is a SHAM! Arch Traitor in Chief Dominic Grieve and his acolytes have demonstrated their total contempt for the British electorate!

    Ther can be no excuse for their behaviour, they swear an oath of alliegance to our Head of State, not the ‘bunch in Brussels.’ Furthermore they should be aware of the English Bill of Rights – never repealed, and Article 249 (was 189) of the Treaty of Rome which states that ‘EU Law shall have primacy over National Law.’

    The British people now, unlike 1972 and 1975 understand the difference and do not give their consent to passing power from Westminster to Brussels.

    So, in pretending to be defending Parliamentary Sovereignty, 309 MPs are going to ignore the wishes of 17.4 millions of their fewllow citizens and transfer power from the people to unelected – unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels, and subjugate our judiciary to the EU..

    These so called Honourable members are simply placemen for their sponsors and do as they are told! The UK is living in an elected dictatorship.,and we will, if they get their way, be in effect, governed by Global Corporations – Banks and financiers, and Bloc Trades Unions.. They will be the Masters pulling the strings of the ‘peoples representatives;’ at Westminster..

    Treason and Treachery are words which spring to mind!


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