Good riddance to Rudd. Now for Robbins!

The departure of Amber Rudd from Mrs May’s cabinet will not cause any tears to be shed among Brexit supporters. Her brother, Roland Rudd, was  chairman of the europhile Business for New Europe and she campaigned for Remain in the 2016 referendum. Although publicly committed to supporting Theresa May’s commitment to leave the EU,  in a meeting with journalists last week, she appeared to be ambivalent about the Customs Union although she later stated that she supported the government’s policy.  Leaked papers also suggested that she supported unrestricted access for skilled EU27 migrants to the UK after Brexit, ignoring the wishes of many leave voters who wanted to leave the EU precisely so immigration could be drastically reduced.

He successor, Sajid Javid, is believed by those in the know to have voted remain only out of loyalty to David Cameron and George Osborne, especially as a few months before the vote he said his “heart” was for Brexit. After the result, he said: “We’re all Brexiteers now” and has been unequivocal in his support of leaving the EU ever since.  He cannot but be an improvement on Amber Rudd.

Robbins next!

This website has rarely had a good word for David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, in recent months, but we fully support his call for Theresa May to sack her Brexit advisor, Olly Robbins.  Davis feels he is being sidelined by Robbins, a civil servant  and a notorious europhile. Davis’ calls were met with indignation from a number of quarters. A fellow-senior civil servant, Sir Jeremy Haywood, indignantly tweeted that “The Civil Service will always be true to its values – honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity.” Is this fair, however? Since the departure of Nick Timothy, Mrs May’s special advisor who, for all his bungling of last year’s General Election, was at least a convinced leaver, the Prime Minister’s Brexit policy has gone from bad to worse, especially since Robbins has become her EU advisor. Furthermore, there is nothing “honest” about advocating any sort of customs union.  As we have pointed out umpteen times, it does not solve any trade-related problems.  The bleating of remoaner MPs that the referendum said nothing about leaving the customs union is irelevant – no one said anything about it because staying in it is such a daft idea that it was not worthy of discussion. I took part in over 20 debates and rallies and not once did the subject come up.

With local elections coming up this Thursday, if the Conservatives perform badly – as they could well do, particularly in London –  a scapegoat will be required by MPs.  The Tories picked up a lot of votes at last  year’s General Election because of Mrs May’s promises on Brexit. Although in theory, Brexit is irrelevant as far as local elections are concerned, in practice, people often use local elections to protest about national issues and the inept handling of Brexit is likely to top the list of reason for dissatisfaction with the Tories.  There could therefore be no better head to roll than that of Mr Robbins.

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  1. Edward SpaltonReply

    Sir Jeremy Heywood, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Home Civil Service doth protest too much. The fact that Olly Robbins’ Europhile views are publicly known indicates that the days of the politically impartial civil service are behind us. That tradition, already weakened, was destroyed during the politicisation of the Blair years. It used not to be so.

    In my experience of entering the EEC in 1972/3 as director of an animal feed mill, the Ministry of Agriculture worked extremely hard and gave timely and thorough advice to the farming and food industries, so that the radical changeover to the Common Agricultural Policy was achieved smoothly.Farms and businesses could get on with making their living. The Civil Servant in charge was the late Sir Emrys Jones who had been a trusted, valued advisor to Labour and Conservative ministers. He resigned as soon as his job was done and became Principal of the Royal Agricultural College.

    It was only then that I met him and was surprised eventually to learn that he had been personally deeply opposed to the Common Agricultural poicy but, as an impartial civil servant he carried out the government’s policy thoroughly and efficiently. You can find the account of this in his obituary by Googling his name.

    If the Civil Service still worked to those standards, the private opinions of civil servants would not matter. But, as we have seen from the voting in the House of Lords, former civil servants and politicians have actually transferred their first loyalty and allegiance to the foreign power of the EU in defiance of the people’s decision. Of course, those who worked for the EU Commission could forfeit their lavish pensions ( free of UK income tax) if they did anything less.

    • Adam HileyReply

      May must go replace with JRM I am no Tory at least it will keep out the odious Jeremy Comrade Corbyn

  2. Torquil Dick-EriksonReply

    NOT ONLY is Amber Rudd a Europhile, but as Home Secretary she declared her intention to KEEP US IN AND UNDER THE EUROPEAN ARREST WARRANT! As well as members of Europol.
    We must ask Sajid Javid – DOES HE ALSO INTEND TO KEEP US IN THE EAW?????
    If do, then the whole thing is a mockery.

  3. Adam HileyReply

    the next Remoaner to go must be dreary Phillip Hammond the House of Lords must be replaced by a elected 2nd chamber and a written constitution to protect Our rights Sovereignty in a federal republic like Germany or Australia not the USA

    • StevenReply

      Yes, that disgraceful twerp has been working hard since the vote to undermine any prospect of a REAL Brexit along with his fellow remainiac Amber Rudd. Now, instead of selecting a half-way decent person such as Jacob Rees-Mogg to be put into the position of Home Secretary remainer Maybe given the job to a muslim remainer. Talk about having a fox in charge of the hen house!

      Yes, we could do with a written constitution and a Bill of Rights. Perhaps, if we had then we may not have got ourselves so entangled with the EU/Common Market/EEC/EC in the first place?

  4. Andrew PittReply

    ” Her successor, Sajid Javid, is believed by those in the know to have voted Remain only out of loyalty to David Cameron and George Osborne…”

    I despair. This is not a man of principle. It is worthless having the support of such a man.

    • Jason BReply

      If Brexit meant Brexit to May, then why does she go and choose a Remainer? Javid I read of was no friend of free speech, when he backed the now defunct idea to get all politicians and public workers to swear an equality oath. I question his loyalty – same with Hammond.

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