Going native

This short video may be of interest to our readers. The speaker is none too impressed with the 26 UK MEPs who voted in the Eurpean Parliament support of a proposal by the EP’s Brexit spokesman Guy Verhofstadt urging the EU not to start trade talks with the UK. The argument by Mary Honeyball, a Labour MEP who supported Mr Verhofstadt, that the UK had agreed to resolving the issues of the Irish border, the Divorce bill and the rights of EU nations living in the UK before starting trade talks cut little ice with many commentators, who accused her and her colleagues of betraying their country. Two Tory MEPs, Richard Ashworth and Julie Girling, were among the 26. The pair propmtly recevied a rap on the knuckles by senior party officials, who were apparently “livid” at their behaviour, especially given the vote took place the day before Mrs May’s conference speech.  The Conservative whip was withdrawn from them as a result of their actions.

The list of the full 26 is as follows:-

* Lucy Anderson, London, Labour
* Paul Brannen, North East England, Labour
* Richard Corbett, Yorkshire and the Humber, Labour
* Set Dance, London, Labour
* Neena Gill, West Midlands, Labour
* Theresa Griffin, North West England, Labour
* Mary Honeyball, London, Labour
* John Howarth, South East England, Labour
* Wajid Khan, North West England, Labour
* Jude Kirton-Darling, North East England, Labour
* David Martin, Scotland, Labour
* Alex Mayer, East of England, Labour
* Linda McAvan, Yorkshire and the Humber, Labour
* Claude Moraes, London, Labour
* Sion Simon, West Midlands, Labour
* Catherine Stihler, Scotland, Labour
* Derek Vaughan, Wales, Labour
* Julie Ward, North West England, Labour
* Richard Ashworth, South East England, Conservatives
* Julie Girling, South West England, Conservatives
* Catherine Bearder, South East England, Liberal Democrats
* Jean Lambert, London, Green Party
* Molly Scott Cato, South West England, Green Party
* Keith Taylor, South East England, Green Party
* Martina Anderson, Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein
* Jill Evans, Wales, Plaid Cymru

On the subject of Mrs May’s speech,  if the idiotic prankster who interrupted her speech to deliever her a P45 had any sense, rather than waste his time in Manchester, he should have  gone to Strasbourg and handed P45s to all these 26. This vote is the ultimate proof that many MEPs have gone native. The sooner these 26 are put out to grass the better.

(Incidentally, the video also mentions the Damascus Road conversion of Stanley Johnson, the father of Boris, who campaigned for Remain but has belatedly been won over to supporting Brexit courtesy of Jean-Claude Juncker’s recent speech, which made him realise that the EU  was heading “in a direction we don’t really want to go.”)
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  1. Phil JonesReply

    Molly Scott Cato (Green Party) is an EU fanatic. She and the rest are all on the EU Gravy Train, paid to push their personal EU preferences over the wishes of what their countrymen/women voted for. The EU Parliament was of course created to try and legitimize the undemocratic formation of the European Union — where the British people were given no say in 1992 when the economic arrangement was changed to a political arrangement, i.e. formation of a new European federal country. The EU Parliament itself is a joke. It doesn’t initiate anything. That is done by the European Commission which sends new law to the EU Parliament for ‘rubber stamping’ before that new EU law is sent out as a Directive to the provinces (sorry: ‘Member States’) for further rubber stamping. At Westminster the new law is placed onto HMSO stationery and published in just the same way as the small amount (now only about 30%) of new UK law that actually originates at Westminster. And unless you are someone with legal training who can see through all the nonsense, you just assume that Westminster is originating all new UK law just as it did before 1992, i.e. that the UK is still a ‘country’ in the international sense of that word rather than in the secondary Scottish sense (common culture and history — but no control over its borders). The majority of people I know still think that the EU Is just a continuation of the EEC and just some sort of trading arrangement. They don’t realize that the Treaty on European Union in effect changed the UK from a United States or Canada to a respective state or province of same, i.e. was an ‘EU Constitution’. When Giscard d’Estaing wrote a document called ‘EU Constitution 2004′ (which was an attempt to his credit to be honest with the European peoples about creation of a new federal country), his EU Constitution was soundly rejected by referenda in Holland and France — only to be brought in via the back door by Merkel and her cronies and the UK’s Brown as the Lisbon Treaty — which Brown shoved down Brits’ throats without giving them any say. Blair had promised a referendum on the EU Constitution 2004 (which he never would have honoured!) and Brown simply pushed through all the contents of the EU Constitution 2004 in the Lisbon Treaty (I know that the EU Constitution 2004 and Lisbon Treaty were virtually identical because I spend a number of evenings in a London law office comparing the two, Article by Article). Virtually the only thing left of the pre-Lisbon Treaty on European Union was the title!!!! It was a truly disgusting exercise by Brown and his Labour Party — though the Tories would probably have done the same thing if in power at the time. I think David Cameron will get a lot of credit when the history books are written for letting the British people decide if they wanted the UK to morph into a province of a new European federal country or wanted the UK to return to being a sovereign self-governing country. Sovereignty after all is in the people of a country rather than in the country itself. Major and Blair and Brown (also Heath, if you read his personal papers on what he expected the EEC to ultimately morph into) have a lot to answer for in giving away our sovereignty to a foreign body without asking for our permission first. The MPs in Westminster just represent us and can only act on our behalf; they can’t delegate or give away or even loan those powers to an outside body. History will record the nonsense that has gone on over the last 40 years and how Brits finally came to regain a full say over how they are governed.

  2. Gordon WebsterReply

    There is nothing really to be added to your comment Phil, it puts the EU and its Rubber Stamp Parliament in its place. At the end of the day, it is an EU construct which is little relevance to Britain and its vote to leave. The Sovereign British People have made their decision, and our MEPs will be redundant when the European Acts are repealed.
    Personally speaking, I doubt if any MPs and British People understand how little Westminster (or Holyrood) does, and how much of our law comes direct from Brussels to the Civil Service for immediate implementation. For example the Gender Neutral Toilets in Universities and Schools, and the Sexualisation of 5 year olds came as a result of The Noichl Report, and the British Parliament can do nothing to stop it.

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