Fishing – a step backwards

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    mother Theresa May needs to go along with Rudd Hammond Liddington immediately replace with brexiteers not remoaners

    • StevenReply

      That is what should happen but it won’t. The Tories are the ‘party of Europe’ still. Their game is to string it all out in concert with the EU until such time as they can betray Brexit voters totally and not lose too many votes over it which is the date of the next general election. As we don’t have a fair voting system and many Brexit voters live in Tory safe seats they have a protective ‘cushion’ against those voters’ wrath.

  2. John AshworthReply

    A very interesting House of Lords select Committee session today, the only witness was Michael Gove, very useful.

  3. Michael BlandReply

    Dear Mr Petley

    Many thanks for your latest blog .I only wish more people could see it.
    I have to say that I am dismayed (no pun intended) at HM Governments’ handling of the “negotiations” ,, It appears to have no idea what it is doing, but I would agree with “Steven” that the intention is to string them out until it is too late to do anything. Hardly surprising given that the PM is a “remainer.”

    As a layman I am puzzled as to why so much heavy weather is being made over trade deal with the EU, given that U S of A seems to have no trouble with such trade and China above all gets billions through to the EU (including us), the only difference being that countries like Germany make things a little more difficult than we do. And as for exporting – we havea complex situation, for after all do we not, ‘like the US, re-export large amounts of Far Eastern goods elsewhere. A look for example on the labels of goods reaching our shores from America shows that they are in fact made in China! Should such products really count as “Exports”?

    One last thought, since our manufacturing has been reduced to a fraction of what it was, how much do we have to trade?


    M. Bland

  4. Ken WorthyReply

    It is not just a question of creating doubt. All the signs are that it is preparing for a climb-down. Angela Merkel said that Germany was starting to draft a transition agreement. Among the subjects she said it would cover were fisheries and farming. When the draft emerges, it is a pretty safe bet that staying within the CFP will be one of the EU’s demands. The CAP may be in it as well. That’s probably not what Theresa May had in mind when she asked for a transition period during which the trading rules would stay the same, but that is what she is likely to get.
    Her track record so far has been to try to appease the EU by making concession after concession and getting nothing in return. What’s the betting that she will stand up to the CFP demand? Vowing she will ne’er consent, she’ll consent.
    The only way to stop this constant backing down is to get rid of her. She should hand over to someone who is capable of doing the job.

  5. Adrian WhiteReply

    Before every election it is the duty of the Civil Service to prepare for the victory of either side. Thus at present it ought to be preparing for a left-wing Labour Government, an outcome no less unlikely from the next General Election than was the victory of the Leave side from the referendum. Not to have done so was a serious dereliction of duty and harmful to the national interest; and steps should now be taken to investigate how this failure came about and to punish those responsible.

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