Could fisheries prick the SNP’s bubble in Scotland?

The roots of the SNP lie in the coastal communities, especially the fishing communities that in the 1960s were safe Conservative seats. It was Edward Heath’s surrender of our fishing industry which  provided the impetus for SNP’s subsequent growth. Alex Salmond, the previous leader of the SNP, once put forward a private members Bill to take back control of UK fishing grounds of 200 nautical miles/median line zone during his first stint as a Westminster MP.

How times have changed! Power has gone to the SNP’s head and now they do not want to be in an union with the UK but want Scotland to be part of the Union of the EU.

But what would happen if, following Brexit, Scotland voted for independence and then re-joined the EU? The membership terms are unequivocal: Scotland would have to hand back her Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) to the EU on the basis of equal access to a common resource without discrimination, and not increasing fishing effort.

Furthermore, the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy state that EU fishing capacity must be balanced to EU marine resource, and with the loss to the EU of the UK’s EEZ, even though Scotland would have its own EEZ, the loss of the English, Welsh and Northern Irish EEZs would result in the EU having to reduce its overall fishing capacity, but that reduced number of vessels would have to share in that reduced capacity – including Scotland’s EEZ.

So if the SNP were to take an independent Scotland back into the EU, it would result in a further decline in the Scottish fleet, finishing off the already devastated coastal communities that originally helped to create the SNP.

It does not end there. The territorial waters of 12 nautical miles come back to the coastal state through a transitional derogation which expires on 31st. December 2022 and would have to be renewed. With the rest of the UK out of the EU and our Accession treaty of 1972 (which was the main reason for the 12 mile derogation) now confined to history, why would the EU wish to offer a fresh derogation covering Scottish waters only? In other words, Scotland could find herself with the EU vessels fishing up to her beaches.

The SNP will huff and puff over this, saying they will negotiate, but there is no way out. These are the rules of EU membership. If, therefore, the SNP is so desperate to rejoin the EU, it would be at the cost of destroying the party’s roots.

The Conservatives, who are currently looking to become the main challengers to the SNP north of the border, would benefit immensely from including a clear fishing policy on the lines we have proposed in their manifesto. Who knows, it may enable them to recapture those seats they lost in the the 1960s and 1970s and tear the heart out of the SNP?

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    We are most likely seeing a decline in popularity for the SNP as Scots grow tired of Ms Sturgeon’s abysmal record in Government whilst obsessing about Independence which is unlikely as there may not be a European Union much longer with luck the Scottish Nationalists will sooner rather than later exit Government and be replaced by the impressive Ruth Davidson & a resurgent Conservative Party Together We stand as Britons

  2. Alec SwanReply

    Justice would be served if the waters that surround Scotland and the fishing rights were returned to the Scots. We in the UK have gifted to others just about everything of value.

  3. Alec SwanReply

    I really don’t get the bit about …. ‘If an independent Scotland were to join the EU’ …….. Really? Juncker has already made it quite clear that the struggling and grossly mismanaged EU simply can’t afford the luxury of a further liability. Sturgeon is an idiot if she thinks that the Scots can’t see that.

  4. John AshworthReply

    I agree Alec, Sturgeon is crazy to think she can leave the union of the UK and walk straight into the EU, no doubt demanding this and that. That however is her arrogance, and it is up to other political parties to expose her.

  5. PipReply

    The SNP will wane in influence and power as their bellicose posturing undermines them
    I have first hand reports of Scots being intimidated both at the polls and the Scottish Parliament building by bullying tactics used by SNP supporters
    I also know of those who would relocate to the UK if things progress the way that Ms Sturgeon wants.
    the rapacity of the EU common fisheries/economic policy is evident. The EU will not desist until every last fish or resource has been either eaten or plundered beyond redemption
    The EU is NOT Europe
    It is an asset stripping elite with only one beneficiary Germany
    And a message for Ms Sturgeon to ponder on EMPTY VESSELS MAKE MOST NOISE

  6. Gordon WebsterReply

    The Scots are angry and, if Polls are to be believed, Ms Sturgeon and the SNP have just stepped on the Cresta Run of their popularity. The SNP are so enamoured by the EU, and so comfortable to have Brussels rule for them, that they haven’t passed one Bill since last October. Meanwhile, Scotland is running up a £15 Billion Deficit, while running down the NHS, Police Force, Education, Housing, and just about everything they touch.
    Ms Sturgeon’s “Baby Box,” was sold to Scotland on falsified science. Not one baby has been given one, yet it is an estimated £9 million over budge, while Prestwick Airport is swallowing money. Indeed Scots are beginning to realise that Ms Sturgeon has “The Sadim Touch ” Instead of turning to gold, anything they touch turns to dust.
    Scottish Fishermen want their jobs and their futures back, while the SNP want to stay in a Union which took their jobs, and floods Scotland with cheap competition for the jobs that are left. For that, she makes no apology, or explanation..

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