EU coercive armed force coming in?

Last month, I read in the Italian media that the Commission wants to beef up Frontex – the EU’s border guards corps, and send them to places like Greece, or any other member state (presumably within Schengen) – even against the will of that member state. This is confirmed by the statement by the Swedish Interior Minister admitting as much in this article.

The frontier guards will of course be equipped with lethal weapons and will operate under the EU’s own flag, and be answerable only to Brussels.

It should be realised that their presence on the territory of a nation-state will therefore amount to a military occupation of that nation-state.

Once a bridgehead has been thus established by Brussels with the stationing of EU frontier guards in a member state, on the excuse that the state in question is unable to control its own frontiers, the road will be open for the European Gendarmerie Force to move in too.

The “United State of Europe” that the EU wants to build will clearly be based on the model of the centralised Napoleonic State, where the enforcers – i.e., the police – are always paramilitary, lethally-armed, and directly controlled by the central government. Thus their personnel are recruited nationally and then redeployed all over the territory, most usually not in their home towns, and housed locally in barracks. Thus, for example, the French Gendarmerie controls France, the Spanish Guardia Civil controls Spain, and in Italy there are three such bodies, the Carabinieri (military police), the Polizia di Stato (State Police), and the Guardia di Finanza (tax police – also militarised), all deployed all over the territory and each answerable to a cabinet minister (respectively, Defence, Interior, and Finance). Each nation is in effect under military occupation by its own central government. The machinery for a despotic form of government is thus pre-arranged, and readily available to a despot, when and if one comes along (as has happened all too frequently in European history).

So, likewise following the Napoleonic model, the United States of Europe is to have the Eurogendarmerie to control its own territory – ie the territories of what were once the nation-states. The embryo EuroGendarmerie Force (EGF), comprising the militarised police forces of six member states so far, is already up and running. If any should not believe it they can see the EGF’s own official website –

Compare and contrast to our British system, with 43 independent local constabularies, traditionally unarmed policemen, the concept of “policing by consent”, and so forth… Our system is designed to provide an obstacle to despotic forms of arbitrary government. We are the heirs to Magna Carta, which limited of the powers of the State over the people, while our continental brethren got the Inquisition instead, which expanded and deepened these powers.

I also read in the Italian media of renewed calls for the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor (EPP). This figure is the centrepiece of the Corpus Juris project, and he will be armed with fearsome powers of arbitrary arrest on no evidence and lengthy (months, or more) imprisonment without any public hearing. (These powers are already – and have always been – enjoyed by continental judiciaries, as British victims of the Euroean Arrest Warrant have been discovering to their bitter cost). The EPP will be the creature of the Commission who will doubtless nominate him, and the Commissioners may then, if they feel so inclined, use him to put away awkward people on trumped-up charges (quite easy since there is no need to exhibit any hard evidence for months, while the suspect languishes in jail…).

Of course Britain is not a member of Schengen and so our own government will doubtless tell us, smugly, that none of this need concern us.

However, if all of this has not yet come to pass, it is precisely because Brussels is aware that there is and there would be very strong opposition from the UK. They perceived this clearly from the negative reaction of Britain’s Parliament to the Corpus Juris proposal when it was first put on the table in 1999.

They realise that they cannot push this forward unless and until they have Britain locked into a position where we cannot say No.

They will now have this opportunity if the IN votes carry the referendum. For with a quisling, or at best a wavering, Cameron still in the saddle, clearly all British resistance to complete political, and legal, and indeed military, unification will be swept aside. They will say “THIS IS WHAT THE BRITISH PUBLIC WANTS AND VOTED FOR”.

Yet so far, the public is completely unaware of this precise threat to our democracy and to the personal freedom of each and every one of us, if the IN vote should carry the day. People think it is all merely about money, and prosperity. Yet was it not Jefferson who said “If a nation hands over its freedom in exchange for a perceived economic advantage, it will surely end up losing both”…?

It would be a tragedy if the vote was taken with voters in complete ignorance of these catastrophic consequences that an IN vote would unleash upon us.

At present, hardly anyone has any idea at all of these consequences. As far as I am aware, not one of the “leave” campaigning organisations has put these themes on the agenda.

Should not these matters be aired, and brought to the attention of the public, in good time before the vote?

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  1. martin cruttwellReply

    What Torquil has posted here is very much like the excellent article “Magna Charta and Europe” posted in Runnymede Gazette which ought to be re=posted here in my opinion. The problem is our young people have never been brought up to understand our constitution and the separation of powers because we really do not have them much any more because of the “democratic” party system (see my website). In other words they have got used to the top down approach of socialised government.

    May I refer readers to page 40 (top) of Ruth Lea’s excellent and well indexed “Essential Guide to the European Union” (I have yet to see a better explanation) in which she explains that the Commission has functions of initiating,overseeing,monitoring and enforcing EU legislation. In other words it has “legislative, executive, administrative AND judicial activities and responsibilities”. Phew!!

    Compare this then with Contents/”Warnings Past and Present” from my website which reads in part ” In all tyrannical governments where the supreme magistry or the right of making and enforcing laws is invested in one and the same man or one and the same body of men, and when these powers are united together there can be no public liberty” Blackstone

    Now – how, in a highly socialised society do you get youth to understand the dangers where the government provides everything (especially “educashun”but ignores the constitution) and takes to itself the right to legislate on every matter under the sun and therefore cushions our youth from the easily visible effects of this dictatorship? Is there not a play which might bring this home? Otherwise the youth may be tempted to vote for this dictatorship.

    Finally, why do not the combined “out” movement put averts in the national press advertising ALL their websites together so inviting the people simply to look for themselves. In my opinion we must NOT allow the Electoral Commission to designate THE “out” campaign”. Our strength is in our diversity of information, This is not an election of candidates it is an election of information.

  2. martin cruttwellReply

    May I add something to my above comments. This is to warn readers that the EU tentacles are already in our system of law. I mean 1) the European Arrest Warrant and 2) the way our police now operate.
    1)Julian Assange facing a Swedish EAW (on behalf of the USA) had to FLEE from Britain/London (A Common Law nation??)and seek ASYLUM in the ECUADORIAN EMBASSY because the EAW does not allow a Common Law hearing to establish prime facie case BEFORE extradition!!
    That is outrageous!!!
    2) British police may now arrest you “on suspicion” of something. You will have your fingerprints and DNA taken (in case you might offend in the future).
    You will then be BAILED, possibly for many months ( as has already happened) with this possible charge hanging over you, while the police CPS see if they can dig up enough evidence to charge you. It may be slightly better than being banged up in a EU prison, say in Greece as a plane spotter for several months) nevertheless quite covertly the need to provide sufficient evidence BEFORE arrest has now slipped to digging for evidence AFTER arrest. This is a monstrous threat to our ancient liberty. please use this info for all it is worth. Ask the Christian church leaders why they are so silent?

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