For those who DON’T want a break from Brexit……

Maybe you are longing for Christmas, especially given the Parliamentary recess will at least give s a week’s break for Christmas. If so, there’s no need to read any further…..

On the other hand, you may find this article of interest. Whatever the turmoil of our Brexit negotiations, our country has risen from fifth to first ranking in the Forbes list of the best countries in which to do business.  This is the first time we have ever taken the top spot and the competition is fierce – several Anglophone nations, Scandinavia, Hong Kong Singapore and Switzerland  would have given us a good run for our money.

On a very different note, Open Europe has published a report entitled Beyond the Westminster Bubble – what people really think of immigration. It’s quite long- 74 pages in total, but it well illustrates the strength of feeling that exists among the UK population for a cut in migration, even though there isn’t much confidence in the Government’s ability to meet its target to reduce numbers to “tens of thousands”.

Open Europe may not be the moist popular think tank among Brexit supporters, but it does produce some very useful research and this paper is well worth reading.



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  1. Adam HileyReply

    if people want a halt to more immigrants then continuing to vote the corrupt 3 old legacy parties will not help will it

  2. Ian HolmesReply

    Hi Adam, maybe the 3 old legacy parties are still the only parties us tired voters have the realistic option to vote for. Ukip has been nicely sidelined and proven to be a ‘one man’ party, since Farage resigned, went ‘commercial’, and is now a radio talk host. The party is heading fast to obscurity, much to the eu loving mainstream political parties relief, as they can now reveal their true colours and try to bounce the government into a ‘soft’ Brexit where we remain tied to the disastrous eu forever, yet have no say in how we have rules foisted upon us by the undemocratic bureaucrats in Brussels, most of whom worked for or led governments with ‘corner shop’ economies. We are the 5th largest trading nation in the world, and yet whilst we try to negotiate our way out of the eu we are being bullied by MEP’s and politicians from such world leading economies as Malta, and the Republic of Ireland. Don’t forget, out of the 28 (still) members of the eu, only 3, UK, France, and Germany are net contributors paying in more than we could ever get out, and the rest are net recipients taking more money in bribes, sorry subsidies and grants, to build up their poor infrastructures, while the UK’s is still falling to bits through lack of inward investment. It’s laughable really, if it wasn’t so tragic.
    If you’re also thinking that the old chestnut of ‘proportional representation’ should be resurrected, there is really no appetite for it, as it just foists worse than useless politicians such as Clegg into prominent positions, and the country ends up with a Scandi-style government of colluding back-stabbing parties all with no common ground, and all with an axe to grind. The poor public are the ones who bear the brunt of all the political infighting and machinations which proportional representation brings with it.
    Happy New Year!

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