Defence issues – concerns to put to candidates

We have produced questionnaires on the subjects of fisheries and civil liberties which were available for anyone wanting to raise issues with their candidates during the General Election campaign. Although we will not be producing a similar questionnaire on defence issues, there are a number of area of concern, which have been highlighted by Veterans for Britain. These include:-

  • Fears that the UK, on Brexit will still be giving away some of its defence decision-making to the European Union.
  • Fears that the UK may concede any control of its defence policy to the EU to win favour as part of the Brexit negotiations.
  • A concern that the European Commission, despite Brexit, may try to engage directly with UK defence manufacturers to build a common EU defence industry
  • A concern that upon independence, the UK may remain part of an EU Defence Single Market, under the auspices of the EU Defence Fund.
  • A determination that on Brexit, the UK will not be part of a common EU military command structure
Our attention has recently been drawn to an article by David Banks of Veterans for Britain which is well worth reading in full. Mr Banks quotes disturbing evidence that EU-UK military co-operation has actually stepped up since the Brexit vote. With our foreign policy naturally diverging from that of the EU once we leave, this is extremely worrying as the policy being pursued by Michael Fallon seems to be a running down of the UK’s defence autonomy.
With the Conservatives’ lead in the polls dipping, Mrs May could do worse than to give us a clear indication that “Brexit means Brexit” in defence as well as in other areas. We at CIB are receiving all too many comments from people concerned that a Conservative victory means Brexit betrayed. Some reassurance at this critical time would not go amiss.

Photo by 7th Army Training Command

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    We as a Country seriously need to wake up and realise the awful prospect of Corbyn becoming Prime Minister with His Cronies in Government in charge of a Nuclear Power as dithering as Theresa May has been over Brexit Jeremy Corbyn would be a disaster, He would be backed up by odious Nicola Sturgeon Farron and that Waste of Space Green Caroline Lucas Corbyn McDonnell and Abbot are nasty pieces of Work who hate this Country We need to wake up and reclaim Our Country

  2. John AshworthReply

    As CIB readers are aware, we have the same problem on Fisheries. Nothing is coming from the Conservative Party that is clear and precise, instead we get, as we did on fisheries in the manifesto, doubt and confusion, leading as you say, to thinking Brexit is not Brexit.

    A few days ago I attended the Commercial Fishing Exhibition in Aberdeen, A Conservative MSP came up to me and said why can’t you keep quiet for a while over the manifesto, my reply is hardly printable, but along the lines, of get it sorted yourselves, because it is the Party itself that is causing the problem.

    Andrea Leadsom did 3 days ago in an article in Conservative Home did make it clearer, but it will have to be shouted louder than that.

  3. Gordon WebsterReply

    Fallon is being cagey for one simple reason (UK Column News). Cameron has already signed us up to “European Military Integration,” and to “Central Resourcing of Military Equipment,” – hence the new squadron of British Light Tanks are being made in Spain with Swedish Steel. It also means that what is left of our shipbuilding may be facing shut down, to keep France, Germany, Italy and Poland in work. It also puts at risk control of our Nuclear Weapons, and I don’t think The Pentagon will be too chuffed at that prospect.
    Photos showing the Euro Army exercising on Salisbury Plain, during the Referendum Campaign. At the same time we were being told that there was NO European Army. Well, it seems they have been lying, and four control centres have already been set up. Parliamentary Sovereignty? What Parliamentary Sovereignty?

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  5. AnyoldironReply

    It is time to build ALL our services and defences up-NOW. We cannot afford to be unprepared as we were indeed in that 1939-1945 WAR, especially as the EU is doing exactly that.

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